Why VLOOKUP?! I dont like you anymore

VLOOKUP one of the most used functions in Excel, or not?! I don’t know anymore if we can call it one of the most used. But once it was and I’m sure. VLOOKUP is easy to use and simple to learn. Just simple and efficient. “Looks for a value in the left column of a table, and then returns a value in the same row from a column you specify. By default, the table must be sorted in an ascending order.” — Microsoft Help

Thanks Microsoft Help for your description. We all used this function a lot but now I don’t even remember when I used it for the last time. But why? What happened? What changed that now I personally I’m not using this anymore (but I know a lot of people, excel users, that are not using it, just like me)

If sometimes before we had to work with just some data, tables now we have to work with more data with more tables and the environment is changing everyday. we have to update the tables every day and sometimes every hour. We dont have static data anymore. VLOOKUP returns a value from a table or a range in the left column. I want to return a value in the right side.

“I can’t return that value” — VLOOKUP

Why VLOOKUP why you cant return that value I need it…

The first problem… Left is OK, Right is Error.

Now I want to add a new column for some new data. The column is between “value” and “the value I want to return”

What have you done VLOOKUP?! The “Value I want to return” changed… But why? Adding the new column between I changed the numbers of the columns but the index_number didn’t update. so the “Value I want to return” changed.

You are losing my sympathy VLOOKUP…

For this reasons and for some others I’m not using VLOOKUP anymore. I replaced it with INDEX&MATCH. My new love.

Hope you find your love too.


Originally published at ehventure.com on July 29, 2015.

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