Black is beautiful

Black is not a color ;

cause I’m “Yella’,

but I’m Black.

Black is not attitude,

that exudes superiority

but pride.

Pride in knowing

your Ancestral tree.

Black is Yella’, Brown

and Ebony.

Black is not one-parent family

absent male

but a Community

of Mutha’ Dear, Grandpa, Auntie

and a slew’ of Uncles

and cousins.

Black is not teen pregnancy

BUT Family unity;

in spite of the conditions

of birth.

Black is knowing

the Kings and Queens of

“Mother” Egypt,

Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X,

Martin Luther King and

the So called’, Uncle Toms,

who sat down, so that

I might Stand UP…

Black is not vulgarity

on the cinema screen,

but …reality!

Black is living

in poverty,

but NOT letting poverty

live IN me.

Black is not loud music

JUST to be loud….

but…a Declaration….

of Life!

Black is making a joyful noise…..


We’ve come…. this far


Black IS Beautiful!