Explaining and Imagining up to 10th Dimension

All the dimensions explained more in depth

4 min readJul 27, 2018


The First Dimension

It is relatively the simplest dimension to conceptualize compared to other known dimensions. A point has no dimension, size but rather its an imaginary belief that indicates a position in a system. By adding a different point with other position, we can now connect both points using a line, by now which we enter the first dimension. The first dimension has only length along the x-axis and no other characteristics.

The Second Dimension

Now by adding a different line to our previous dimension, we have created a two dimensional object with a height and length concurrently traveling along the x-axis and the y-axis. For example, a creature living in a two dimensional world would perceive our three dimensional objects as a flat shape. Lets say that a can of soda is placed in front of the creature, rather than seeing a cylindrical shape the creature would only see a rectangle.

The Third Dimension

Since we are living in a three dimensional world, it is effortless to imagine it. A three dimensional object has length, height and depth. It would produce an object with volume , for instance a cube or sphere. Now we have come to an end of dimensions which are physically noticeable to humans. Rest of the dimensions beyond the third, are all theoretical.

The Fourth Dimension

Consequently, to which Einstein’s Theory of Relativity adds another dimension, time or in other words duration. Suppose that a pencil pointing horizontally upwards on a table falls down to the ground which would take some amount of time. Connecting the initial point to the final one in four dimensional line, would create a “cane” shaped timeline stretching throughout the fall until it comes to an halt.

The Fifth Dimension

Even though it would feel like we are moving in a straight line in the fourth dimension, it is literally twisting, curling and moving in the dimension above which would be the fifth dimension. In this dimension, timeline stretches and branches in different paths which would be the direct consequences of your actions, choices, chances and actions done by others. In short assume that your desire was to become an optician, but you end up becoming neurosurgeon due to the heavy influence of others, and which it would be a single branch out of all possible outcomes in the fifth dimension.

The Sixth Dimension

Furthermore, lets pretend that time travel is somehow possible by bending the fourth dimension through the fifth dimension, what if you could travel to your childhood and prevent a death of a specific person, by now which would have densely affected your current society or timeline. However you will be stuck ramifying out of your four dimensional-self from our current moment into the fifth dimension because regardless of your actions and choices, that specific timeline is not an option in your current time, which renders this method impossible. Nevertheless it is possible by bending your fifth dimensional-self through the sixth dimension to an other fifth dimensional line, where the alternate timeline exists.

The Seventh Dimension

To illustrate a seven dimensional line, we would have to treat all the previous dimensions as a single point, a point which would initially start as a beginning of our universe (Big Bang) and eventually branching to all conceivable endings of our universe, which is often indicated as “infinity”. Which we now run into a dilemma, where we need another point to make a line in the seventh dimension. Despite there being nothing greater than “infinity” , there can be other infinities, with different and unique beginnings, endings and obeys a different physics law. Which the connected infinities will create an seven dimensional line.

The Eight Dimension

As mentioned in the previous seventh dimension, expanding and branching the existing seventh dimensional line to an other “infinity” with a same approach from the second dimension, which we would fantasize an eight dimension. An eight dimensional condition would be, all possible universes, with different beginnings independently branching out to other infinities.

The Ninth Dimension

Undoubtedly it is getting out of control and might be mind boggling and puzzling for you. Despite all of that, if we somehow manage to bend and fold an eight dimensional line to an other eight dimensional point, this is where we enter the ninth dimension. With a similar condition from the previous dimension, the ninth dimension would be all possible universes, beginnings and Laws of Physics.

The Tenth Dimension

At last, to imagine a ten dimensional point, we would have to consider all the possible universes with all the possible outcomes of branches with all the possible timelines as a single point. As mouthful it can be, this is where we hit rock bottom, to progress further we would need a different point to connect, but we have created a point with every possible and imaginable things. But we still have more to explore since String Theory goes more in depth in tenth dimension, and it just shows how complex and absurd our universe is.