Why do we bear arms? Is it simply because we have the right?

Well, we also have the right to remain silent. That never stopped protesters from proclaiming their two cents even after they’ve been battered down by authorities. Remaining silent requires neither access nor eligibility. Then why is the maintenance of the right to bear arms, a right which requires both access and eligibility, more sought after? It is not simply because we have the right.

The reason why we reserve the right to bear arms revolves around one word already in its composition. It is simply because we believe that we are "right".

Come to a multicultural, multinational discussion with an engraved and ethnocentric worldview, and you will find yourself attacking and defending with your very own words and thoughts. It is the shield to withstand contrasting opinions and perspectives. It is the sword to fend off the very same. Moreover, that sword can and has been used to perform lobotomy on entire peoples, cultures and nations. Armies of humans come and go, but all have the construct of righteousness within them to justify the bearing of arms. Deep in their hearts , they believed they were “right” and that others were wrong.

That is the reason why we bear arms.