The people side
 don’t side with the system
 because the system 
will hold to back in shackles and change
The system is bad for your health 
And the system will kill you and won’t look back spread lie as alternative facts
we could live so much better 
so much greater 
Then black people are getting shot down by the system and no one can justify this
The true is the system wants you gone
The system doesn’t care about you
Your people are being put in a loop and shoved into the struggle 
Your brother and sisters are push into mass incarceration 
The system doesn’t give shit about you
The system throws away your bread and butter while your people starve 
Stuck in a loop going too lose you health care should be a human right along with education that’s how you advance society
Right ? Too bad the system wants you dumb and dead don’t side with the enemy stand in the right side of history

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