Making the best of your small Lagos Apartment

Like every other urban area, Lagos is densely populated and the hustle to get decent living apartments is no small feat, people end up having to settle for less space at more cost than would ordinarily be obtainable at say — Ibadan. But until we can commute to work in Lagos from Ibadan, we are stuck with our small Lagos spaces. Here are a few ideas of how to enjoy you small space

Multi-functional occasional table. Source: Ernest Meres

Open Up The Space

Creating an illusion of a bigger space is the first step to greatness. The fastest ways to do this are to paint the walls white and hang a mirror. These have obvious effects, white spaces look better lighted and create an airy feel, the major drawback to this is hand stains on the wall (as people like to hug walls too much). The mirror — preferably frame-less — helps to double your space and light source. Mirrors are best located adjacent the window (if you are lucky enough to have one).

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Small spaces tend to get cluttered up quickly and one day you could come home at night and trip over your remote control (true story). For this simple reason, you need furniture items that would help you organize your space effectively with out you having to set out a whole day every week to arrange.

Multi functional furniture items with lots of storage are ideal for small spaces. A couch with a small end shelf to neatly display your books and eliminating the need to purchase a bookshelf (who has space for a book shelf anyways?), a coffee table with drawers for storage or affordances for lighting and holding occasional items, an entertainment unit that doubles as a console table for display of items. These would help in reducing the number of furniture items you have while doing the job of all the furniture items you do not have.

Bring in Nature

As we have already covered, your space is small, probably with only one window directly facing another wall, you are gasping for fresh air — bring in some plants. On the sill, on the coffee table, on the shelf — they would help purify the air and perk up your space.

There are several other ways to help maximize your space, but try these first.

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