How Mormons Can Reconcile Doubt and Faith
Jon Ogden

I agree, Human language is often not up to explaining celestial things. Mankind explanations can be confusing. Every person is responsible to get their own answers to their question. The Holy Ghost is the only reliable teacher. Even the Profits can be misunderstood or even “wrong” if speaking for themselves, not as the lords voice. We are all “Profits” for our lives and area of responsibility! I am surprised at how I and several of my friends can hear or read the same things and come away with different interpretations and ideas of what it meant. We are individuals and should have a personal relationship with the “truths of the good news message”! Never avoid talking about or finding new information. If you don’t know it, admit it. Don’t believe everything said or written, sometimes people wrote things and attributed them to others. Sometimes innocently sometimes fraudulently. I really did enjoy these stories. GOD wants us to question and quest to find his truth. That is jihad, not murdering anyone that does not agree with you!