Some times we need to save minutes on Gitlab, and we don’t want to spend all those CI minutes just testing the changes on .gitlab-CI.yml. This article is going to show you how to check your gitlab-CI.yml on Mac OS.

Note: Some parts of this article may apply for different O.S.

Note: Personally, I always use Homebrew to install almost everything, if you don’t know what is Hombrew read this link.

Note: To continue, you need to have docker installed; if you don’t have it click on this link.

Now, you need to install the GitLab runner:

brew install gitlab-runner

Modern JavaScript

The most popular language in the world in 2018 was JavaScript, so it was the most commonly used for almost six years. -These data are from StackOverflow.

So, this makes JavaScript one of the most important languages in the world.

What is Javascript?

JavaScript, is one of the most powerful and important programming languages nowadays, for three clear approaches: it is useful, practical and is available in any web browser and servers running Node.js.


In this post, I am going to show you the main features of ES6 and how to use it.

Background: Standardization

Heroku ❤ Salesforce

Over the last days, I had the opportunity to go back to one of my old projects and review an implementation that I did for my old job to know more about how to share data between Salesforce <-> Heroku.

The problem that I need to solve is how to share the data between a PostgreSQL database and Salesforce.


In this post, I am going to show you how to connect your database with Salesforce using Heroku.

So, let’s go!

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a Platform as a service (PAAS ) that provides everything necessary to deploy, run, manage and scale applications…

Yesterday I was watching MR Robot, and I found many Easter eggs all over the show. Ok, we start here, in the episode, when Darlene start using SET (The Social-Engineer Toolkit), which can be found at GitHub and is always in active development.

Ernesto Cobos

I’m a web developer with some full-stack chops, too. Currently working at Tyson Foods

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