Children Of The Grave

Ernest Roberson Sr.



John Robinson was the caretaker at Starlight Cemetery in Wheeler County, Georgia. Today a young boy the age of 15 would be buried here. The funeral service was to be held at 1:00, and it looked like rain in the overcast. So John mowed the grass and trimmed the hedges around the cemetery. At 12:00 he went and ate lunch at a nearby restaurant in Hello City Limits named Michael’s Country Cooking. When he arrived back at Starlight Cemetery it was 15 till 1. The white Hearst was escorted by a police cruiser followed by three other cars. Then about twenty other cars followed behind them. John stood under a live oak tree within the cemetery and watched the young boy’s services from there. The preacher read from his Bible Psalms 23 then he prayed, and everyone slowly began to depart. The undertakers lowered and covered up the casket now that everyone was gone as John looked on from under the live oak tree. The undertakers had left themselves and John walked from the tree over to the gravesite. 
“Charles Henry,” John said softly.
The clouds began clearing away, as it was nearing 5:00. It was almost time for John to knock off for the day so he loaded up his tools on his blue 2007 Dodge truck. 
The moon was full in the clear, starry sky as a hand burst out of the dirt of Charles Henry’s grave at Starlight Cemetery. Others buried soon joined him walking, like zombies. Even concrete slabs cracked and busted open. The corpse roamed around and went to an old barn on Gillis farm. Here they got sickles, pitchforks, axes, hammers, and meat hooks. All 10 kids left out of the barn and walked towards the farmhouse. The kids made noise by beating, and scrapping the tools from the barn on the side of the wooden house, luring the old man outside. The 10 kids surrounded and slaughtered him with the ax and meat hooks on the front porch of the farmhouse. They chopped him into and rammed the meat hooks into him pulling him apart. His wife came out the front door to see what the noise was, and an ax met her in her abdomen, she then fell frontwards onto the wooden porch. The kids inserted two meat hooks into her mouth and pulled tearing her mouth apart. After brutally killing the farmer and his wife the ten children walked onwards towards Hello City Limits a mile and a half away westward.
The kids walked on the shoulder of Highway 19 and a motorist stopped his car and got out leaving the door opened.
 “Why, and what are you kids doing out at night so late for?” The man asked.
 Charles now held a meat hook in his right hand and caught the man underneath his chin then ripped off his bottom jaw. The motorist fell to the asphalt and the ten continued to walk onward to town. Here they saw Hello City Limits with the “O” faded on the green City Limit sign. Charles was pale white and looked as if he bled from his eyes, and nose. But he was dead, just as the other nine with him or was they? Charles Henry was seemingly the leader of the ten, and Susan Jones was a ghost whose spirit was over Charles. The other eight were cannibals, zombies eating the flesh of whoever they killed. Now in town it was 10 pm. The ten children attacked, and killed the innocent even other children. They’d chop them with axes, pulled them apart with their meat hooks, and they even had hammers which they hit people with. Then they would eat their flesh. The sheriff got dispatched to go to the scene in Hello. The Sheriff responded to the call, turned on his lights on his patrol car, and accelerated on the gas on Highway 19 East. The patrol car beamed its bright headlights at the scene as the blue lights flashed repeatedly and the Sheriff sat watching. 
 “You are all dead,” The Sheriff said to himself.
 “We have got to get them back to Starlight Cemetery now, and quickly.” Sheriff Jim Hayes said.
The children continued to obstruct the civilians so Sheriff Hayes got out of his vehicle and grabbed his 12 gauge pump shotgun from the passenger seat. He noticed that there were no survivors and fired six shots into the crowd of children. The Sheriff got back into the cruiser, shut the door, then locked it and slowly drove as the children followed behind him.
The children had followed Sheriff Jim Hayes to Starlight Cemetery. Once here Jim got out of the cruiser and made sure that there were no witnesses. He pulled his 9MM from the holster on his right hip and shot each of the ten kids in the head. The bodies fell to the grass in the Cemetery as did the weapons which they held in their hands. Jim got his cell phone from his left pocket of his brown shirt. He called John Robinson at home and asked him to come to Starlight Cemetery. John agreed and sped to Starlight Cemetery in his blue Dodge truck. John had covered the bodies with a backhoe which was stored in a shed behind Starlight Baptist Church. John parked the backhoe under the shed and he got into his truck and started the engine. He turned the headlights on and saw a girl, white as can be, glowing. John shut the truck off, asked her, her name, as he got out and walked towards her. He was now standing face to face with the ghostly girl. John noticed that her arms were folded, her face was pale, and she wore a white dress. She didn’t even speak, nor vanish. John now stood in the middle of the graves he’d just reburied as an ax hit him in the chest, and meat hooks attached which chains tore into his flesh pulling at him. He screamed in agony as he remained standing and Charles Henry looked at him with his dark eyes which blood came from onto his pale skin.
John’s ribs showed, and the other nine kids got back out of the grave. One of the children used a sickle and beheaded John as the other nine kids pulled the meat hooks with chains tearing away John’s flesh. The kids put him into a shallow grave and partially covered him up. The kids once again went back towards Hello City Limits hitting people in the head with hammers, hitting them with axes, cutting them with sickles, and stabbing them with pitchforks. They hooked people with the meat hooks tearing off the flesh, limbs, lower jaws, and rib cages. They were bound for this town of Hello, to be Hell. Charles was the leader, but Susan Jones controlled them all. The Hello Police Department had been mutilated by the ten, and the ten didn’t include Susan Jones, the power source of the others. Without Susan, the dead would have remained dead. Susan gave life to the dead and resurrected only the children. So the Sheriff Jim Hayes was again dispatched and shot the children with his 9MM pistol with hollow point bullets in their heads again. Neither Charles nor Susan couldn’t be found as the Sheriff grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun from his passenger seat. A deputy named Don Jones ran into Charles and shot him in the head with buckshot from a 12 gauge shotgun. Charles managed to slice Deputy Jones with a sickle before he was able to shot again. The ten children had killed 15 civilians which roamed around throughout the night in Hello City Limits. As the children was also killed once again leaving blood within Hello City. The Sheriff waited until dawn to bury everyone, even the children again. After everyone left the cemetery the caretaker Rob Andrews saw a lady in a white dress, she was a ghostly looking lady kneeling by Charles Henry’s gravesite. She didn’t place any flowers or anything on his grave. Susan Jones knew that all the others were dead, except for Charles. His hand came out of the ground and touched hers as she was still kneeling down. Then he rose up out of the earth looking at Rob Andrews and then Susan vanished as she stood. Rob was terrified as if he wasn’t enough by seeing Charles come out of the earth. Charles stood on his gravesite and quickly threw a meat hook towards Rob penetrating him in his throat. Rob held both of his hands on his throat as Charles pulled him over to his grave and pulled the meat hook out. Rob fell to the ground as he bled to death as he lay in Charles Henry’s gravesite. Rob had blood bubbling from his throat which he still covered with both hands with every breath he tried taking. Charles looked down at him until he stopped breathing.

Charles remained holding the meat hook as he was joined by Susan Jones. The two of them stood as a winged vampire came from the sky and joined them. Susan introduced Charles to Elisabeth Ramses, the winged vampire. And shortly afterward before the sun appeared in the Eastern sky a man dressed in black appeared with the three. The man was pale white himself with wrinkled skin and black eyes. When he introduced himself as Sir Anthony Seti 1, the three noticed his sharp vampire teeth. They knew that Sir Anthony Seti 1 was a master vampire in which they’d serve as the four vanished within the thin air at Starlight Cemetery, as the sun now rose in Eastern sky.