Silent Witness

Ernest Roberson Sr.



Greg Smith walked freely down the shiny, waxed black and white square tiled hallway in a straightjacket with an escort following behind him. He looked down towards the floor as he walked listening to the metal doors open and shut to the patient’s rooms. Greg also heard agonizing screams echoing within the hallway in which he walked. Greg looked up once he neared the nurses’ station with the escorting police officer, and spotted a wall clock which struck one o’clock. Greg knew then that it wasn’t going to be an ordinary day.


“Welcome to the Narrenturm!” A blonde hair, a blue-eyed nurse said from behind the shatterproof glass as she sat along with others in the circled room at a circled countertop.
“Welcome to be here,” Greg replied, with a smile staring at the nurse. 
The escort officer pulled him away from the glass, and lightly pushed the crème file through the one inch high by a twelve-inch wide slit in the window. Greg broke his stare and lost his smile. Then an outburst of someone yelling, and cursing from behind 1 made him look quickly. The person had a straightjacket himself on which the guards held onto. The crazed man would every so often kick with both feet at the block walls and metal doors as the guards held onto his straightjacket.


As the crazed man named Greg still standing at the Nurses Station, he noticed that the face was that of his wives killer, two week ago on October 31. As the man passed by he smiled, and stared soullessly at Greg, then yelled. 
“I did it!” 
The man then started kicking at the walls again. Greg watched as they escorted him out of the double metal doors in which he’d entered through. As the doors closed back shut slowly. Greg turned to the officer which talked to the blonde hair nurse again.
 “Did you hear him?”
Greg himself began struggling and fighting now. The officer knocked him onto the tiled floor and put his right knee on his back until two male employees of The Narrenturm picked him up by his arms from the floor. They escorted him to a padded walled room, undone the straightjacket, and told him to face away from the door. He did as he was told and moved when the door shut to and clicked.


Greg held in his left hand an Employee Badge which he stole from one of the male employees when they were freeing him from the straightjacket. Greg had paced the floor and recalled the voice saying, “I did it” over and over. He finally sat in a corner and looked at the door occasionally as he held the plastic employee card in his left hand still.


The door clicked and then opened inward to reveal a doctor in a white lab coat, another man was in a brown suit which Greg figured to be the Psychiatrist and two male employees. The four men walked into the padded room and Greg remained sitting in the corner. The man in the brown suit introduced himself as Manuel Daas, a Psychiatrist which would evaluate him over the next four days. After Manuel had finished talking, the man in the white lab coat introduced himself as Dr. Leon Cutter. The two men finished talking and asked if he had any questions for them. Greg sat in the corner and nodded his head no as he looked at the floor. 
“Well then, we’ll see you tomorrow,” Dr. Cutter said leading the others into the hallway. 
The door shut and clicked as before.


As Greg dozed off sitting in the corner imagery of the murder of his wife loomed within his head. Greg walked into the house through the back door and went through the kitchen. He had seen his wife from her face downward in the living room. He quickly rushed to her and then knelt down on both knees beside her. Then rolled her onto her back to see her throat slit. Greg picked his wife, Ana, of eleven years up into his arms from the brown carpet flooring. After he yelled out for help is when the killer surfaced and ran out of the house. The same guy that he encountered earlier, but no one would believe him. Greg was quickly awakened by the door opening to the room.
 “You hungry?” A woman asked sitting a tan colored tray down in the center of the room, then stood upright, and back stepped out of the room closing the door shut. Greg waited on the clicking sound, but it never faintly echoed the room.


Greg stood up, walked to the center of the room and grabbed up the tan tray quickly. The contents of the tray were scattered and slung throughout the room as he held the tray in his left hand. Greg easily cracked open the metal door with his right hand and peered out into the hallway. He saw no one and opened the door more to hear agonizing yelling and screaming. No one was visible in the hallway or at the circled nurses’ station. Greg went into the hallway and looked towards the nurses’ station for any sign of movement. He once again spotted the wall clock, it read 8:10. Greg looked away and seen the doctors lounge past the nurses’ station, down the other hallway beside of an elevator. The Narrenturm was a circular eight-story building with small slotted windows in most of the rooms. Each floor must’ve been divided by ages or severity of one’s diagnoses, Greg thought to himself as he managed to creep up to the nurses’ station undetected. Now in a squatting position Greg rose up and peeked inside of the nurses’ station. There wasn’t anyone within the circle room or in the hallways. The agonizing yells and screams was the only thing, and sounds that filled the hallways. Greg stood upright and walked towards the doctor’s lounge and elevators.


Greg stood between the doctors lounge door and the elevator with his back against the wall. He noticed a card reader and reached in his gown with his right hand and pulled out the card he had stolen from the elastic band of his underwear. He tried the card, but the card monitor denied it access. The silver doorknob of the door turned afterward and Greg quickly placed the card back in the elastic band of his underwear. He stood flush against the wall once more with the tray now grasped up into the air with both hands. The metal door opened inward to reveal Manuel Daas. Greg rammed the tray into his abdomen and Manuel fell onto the tile floor. Greg went into the room and the door shut back to, then securely locked from the inside. Greg stood over Manuel Daas which lay on the floor and stomped him repeatedly. 
“I tried to tell you all that you had the wrong man, but you all wouldn’t listen.”
He stopped stomping Manuel, and he began to hear another recognizable voice that of Dr. Leon Cutter behind a security curtain. Greg looked away from the curtain and back down at Manuel Daas on the floor, coughing up blood from his mouth and he stomped his head into the tiled floor.


Greg pulled the curtain open to see Dr. Leon Cutter rubbing the blonde hair, blue eyed nurses right leg as she lay naked and restrained by leather straps on a hospital bed. Greg dropped the tray onto the floor as Dr. Cutter walked between the nurse and him. The two men faced one another now and Dr. Cutter spoke as Greg looked at his surroundings in the room.
“Your chart, or should I say criminal records Mr. Smith were amazing. You killed your wife, Ana and still you take no responsibility. You’re in denial. You use your disabilities as a cushion. You’re Bipolar, Paranoiac, which you hide from society because you think everyone’s after you, to do you wrong, and let’s not forget about the Schizophrenic also Greg.”
Greg looked around as Dr. Cutter talked more like provoking to Greg though as his eyes seen an IV stand. 
 “The judge sent you to the Narrenturm, otherwise known as Fool’s Tower for an evaluation before your hearing for the death of Ana to really determine your faith hereafter. The Judge was trying to show and give you mercy but still you take it all for granted Mr. Smith.”
Greg said nothing as he walked over to the sink, turned on the cold water, cupped his hands, and drew water up to his mouth. He had done this three times before turning the water off. Greg looked at himself in the mirror and the image reflected the man in which he seen earlier near the nurses station. The slender six foot, soulless, bearded, long haired man was him. Greg reached for the IV stand, grabbed it firmly, and swung it repeatedly at Dr. Cutter. Dr. Cutter had fallen onto the floor and was bloodied. The nurse struggled to free herself from restraints on the hospital bed. Greg walked back over to the sink and broke it free from the wall. Water sprayed from the broken pipes within the walls, as Greg raised the sink up with both of his hands. 
 “You don’t have to end it like this Greg. I can help you.” Dr. Cutter said from the wet floor.
Greg slammed the sink down on Dr. Leon Cutters head, killing him as the sink busted into pieces.


The nurse struggled on the hospital bed as she was still nude and restrained; for what reasons only three knew for sure, and Greg only could assume. He walked over to some lockers and found himself some clothes. He took off the gown and dropped it onto the wet, tiled floor. The nurse quit on trying to get free of the restraints and listened to Greg talk to himself.
 “Don’t give the property with which people have entrusted you to the insane, but feed and clothe them with this property and speak kindly to them. For some even say that the influence of evil needs to be isolated from society.”
Greg had finished dressing himself, and then he walked towards the door and grabbed the silver knob with his left hand. He looked back once more towards the restrained nurse, then opened the door, and walked into the hallway. In the hallway, Greg pushed the down button to the elevator. The elevator opened and Greg entered into it, and then pressed the 1 button.


I know what I’d done as soon as the door closed.