Soltice of Damnation




On July 10, 1998 a boy named Bob Robertson stood where the land and water met from the Atlantic Ocean. The wind blew his long, undercut brown hair, as he stood with his hands in his cut off denim shorts. As Bobs mother laid, hiding inside of their motel room smoking a cigarette. Bobs mother June took him away from New York, to what they now called home, Savannah, Ga. June had been, and was still running…….running from something or someone before Bob was born and now he’s fifteen. But only she knew what from, but only Bob suffered for…….for what? Bob had people to ask him “where’s he from?” He’d answer with “from here”, but in his mind he thought truthfully, pondering about where was he really from. The thought passed after a minute as he stood facing eastward still into the Atlantic. Then suddenly the thought passed once more in his mind of where he was from. Was it New York since I have that Yankee accent, or wherever my mother went next, but where was that? He asked himself. The thought passed again, as the slim long haired boy stood by the ocean with the wind blowing into his face.

As Bob turned his back to the ocean and started walking towards the motels on the beach, he

suddenly stopped. 
 “Who’s there?” Bob asked in a normal voice. 
 “What did you say?” He asked again normally, as the by passers looked at Bob as if he were crazy or stupid.
The voice came within the wind again from the ocean, 
 “Where’s she taking you next? Where’s she running to? What is she running from?”
Bob turned a complete circle, as he noticed the by passers looking at him now as he faced the motels once more. Bob thought of his mother, and started running across the white, hot sand. Then across the wooden ramp, until he found himself zig zagging through parked cars in the parking lot as he reached his destination, which was the motel entrance. Bob hurried through the lobby and up the staircase to the second floor, then turned left and went two doors down on the right. Bob stopped at the room’s door which he and June occupied until whenever his mom got ready to move again. Bob turned back hassling for air towards the staircase. As he heard seagulls bellowing with their squawks above, and the warm wind blowing still asking questions, which he had no answers for, nor no doubt of.
As Bob entered into the room he found his mother sipping on Jack and coke.
 “What’s wrong son?” She asked him, as she reached for her smokes from the nightstand.
Bobs heart was racing as he turned towards her in her bed.
 “Oh, it’s nothing mother.”
The room was smoky and dark because of the cigarettes and curtains being closed.
 “Why are you hassling then?”
 “I ran over the hot sand and pavement mom.”
 “Are you sure?”
 “Yes mother, why do you ask?”
 “I believe you son, but I also worry about you.”
 “I know mom, but why do I hear……?”
 “Hear what son?”
 “Hear nothing mom.”
 “But you said, why do I hear…….”
 “I don’t remember what I was saying, it must be the heat.”
 “Yes, it must be, it’ll get you son.” June said, as Bob walked over to his bed, as the air conditioner blew high. 
Bob stopped his sitting position to look out the window beyond the curtain towards the Northward beach.
 “What’s she running from Bob?”
He let the curtain go freely as it swung until it came to a stop.
 “What’s wrong son?”
 “I was just looking ma.”
 “Why did you panic then?” June asked, puffing on her cigarette.
 “Ma, I hear voices and see visions.”
June laughed aloud at her son, just as the by passers on the beach, and she began coughing as if it were uncontrollable. Bob rushed to his mom and began slapping her back.
 “Come on mother, breathe, you’re scarring me! That’s why I hate when you have these attacks, I only panic but maybe you should die here. You say that you worry about me, but I still have no answers. That’s why I’m trying to save your life.” Bob said, continuously slapping his mothers back.
June came through her attack, but remembered nothing Bob had said. 
She got her glass and sipped her drink as her cigarette burned down in the overfilled ashtray of butts. Bob went towards his bed which was neatly made, and laid down. Bob fell asleep shortly afterwards at two in the evening, as his mom slowly sipped her mixed drink from the styrofoam cup.

June watched her son sleep motionless on his bed. As she hoped no one would call on the black phone that sat on the nightstand between her and Bob. June sat up in her bed lighting another smoke, and reached for her drink from the nightstand where the phone sat.
Bob had wakened from a nightmare that involved his mother getting killed by a mysterious figure, a man if he had to guess. A man who, had a world of his own, a world of slaves and a lot of killings. The people there was brainwashed, dazed, and killers. The dark figured man choose only the weak, poor, and sick, but they became strong in all that they lacked, but it was only a dream, but it seemed so true and so realistic when it came to his mother.
 “You alright son?”
 “Yes mom, I’m a bit hungry though. What do you want?” 
 “I don’t want fast food. I’m tired of poisoning my baby with fast food. How about you and I go out to a seafood house?”
 “That’s fine mother.”
 “Well get dressed, and so will I so it want be so late when we return,”
Bob got up and got dressed, then June done so too. The two were dressed and went out to the Shrimp boat, which was only a block away from the motel. The two ate and left the Shrimp boat finding themselves stopping at the package store for more Jack, coke, and smokes for June. The two walked back to the motel, and went through the lobby, up the staircase, to the left, and down two doors on the right.
 “Well son, did you hear any voices, or see any visions?”
 “No mama, I didn’t.”
June entered the room first as Bob followed. The window was broken, as seagulls squawked outside, and the warm breeze blew through the shattered window panes.
Bob had covered the window with a cardboard box, and then took a shower. June had laid in her bed drinking her freshly poured drink, as she smoked. Bob finished taking a shower and went to bed as his mother drank until twelve midnight, which is when she finally passed out with her empty cup in her right hand. Bob went to sleep around nine-thirty, that’s when the dream happened again, but it didn’t awaken him at all in the night. As he slept, only turning twice. Bob woke up at seven to a new day, but he felt no wiser. He looked over at his mother which she had dropped the cup from her hand within the night. Bob got to his feet, and pulled back the curtain, and looked out northward over the cardboard box which he taped up over the broken window. The seagulls stirred on the ground, and in the air. As the wind moved the tree limbs, and blew paper around. Bob released the curtain and it freely swung until stopping. He put on a pair of swim trunks, and went on his way out the motel, to the beach. The beach was deserted, as Bob seated himself on the shore of dry sand. He looked eastward; the sun was visible with no clouds in the sky. Bob thought of his dreams about the mysterious man, and his world. The man seemed normal, but his world……..well he was surrounded by crazed beings that never bothered him. “Why? Was that who’d ask questions of his mother?” Bob wondered. Bob, had seen in his dream also where a person rebelled against this man. The man had him tied down, and those crazed folks tortured him slowly. They broke the fingers, and toes, and then they cut into the man’s chest words such as “A MOMENT OF WEAKNESS.” “What would that stand for?” Then, they sewed his eyes, and mouth closed with thread and cut his throat. And in the same room, Bob remembered, a man was crucified, but the nails where placed through his elbows, and kneecaps, with the same writing carved within his chest. “What a place.” Bob thought. The breeze began to blow now as Bob got to his feet. 
“Soon enough my boy, you’ll see that this isn’t a dream.” 
“Who are you? What do you want from me?” 
“It’s not who, but what I am, and it’s not you that I seek my boy.” 
Bob closed his eyes only to see the mysterious man in a black robe, as his eyes glowed reddish. He quickly opened them back to see people coming onto the beach. Bob was more fearful now than ever before in his fifteen years of life, as he ran off towards the motels.
“Mother, mother.” 
“What’s wrong Bob?” 
“I was just checking on you. That’s all.” Bob hesitated answering her question. 
“No, mom it isn’t.” 
“Well……. What?” 
Bob sat at the foot of her bed and looked her in her aged, pale face. 
“Tell me, from who and what are you running from? I know what I see, and hear isn’t my imagination anymore, it’s to realistic mother.” 
“Bob, my son…..some things are better left alone.” 
“What would that be then?” 
“If you must know Bob, then you should know.” June said, lighting her cigarette. “Long ago, about fifteen years ago now I guess, my husband, your father tried killing me after you were born. But instead I got him first with a gunshot in the back while he slept…..little did I know that your brother was snuggled with him……” 
“So I had a brother?” 
“Yes Bob, I threw the bodies into a well, and I’ve been on the run since then.” 
“What about the bodies then?” 
“They were never found, it’s like they vanished within thin air. 
“So, now they’re after you, waiting for you to die then?” 
“Well they could take me at anytime, but it’s you that they want.” 
“Yes, you’re still young, and after me, you’ll have no one to guide you, look after you in this world.” 
“Even if you run, want they find you?” 
“Yes, I can’t hide, but I run to forget the past, but they want let me that’s, why I stay so drunk all of the time.”
 “Can’t you stop them?” 
“How do you kill the dead Bob?” 
“How then do they haunt you?” 
“They live true, but you only see them when you’re dead, but they’ll take my body and torture it brutally as if I were living.” 
“There’s got to be a way to stop them mother.” 
“If you shall know, even though you’ll never see them Bob. A living person has to cross over, but not any living person, a Robertson of kin. There in their world you’ll see a king well guarded in his hand he holds a dagger with the Robertson stone in its handle.” 
“So, if you get it pierce the hearts of your father, and brother.” 
“Why haven’t you already told me of this?” 
“I figured you would not have taken it as well as you have.” 
“Mother, I care because of my dream that I encountered with these people. They kill the weak, sick, and poor, then use others. That’s how they do, I know for I’ve seen and also how they torture some. As soon as I figure how to cross over, I’ll go, so if some day I’m gone for twenty-four hours straight you know that I found a way over.” 
“No it’s too dangerous for you, they’ll fill your head with nonsense, and brainwash you too, to only kill you Bob.” 
“Mother, here or there, tomorrow or ten years from now it’ll always be dangerous.” Bob said, getting off the bed, and leaving the room.
The beach was full of swarming people as others laid out getting a suntan. Bob walked through the crowd until he reached the water, then he stopped, looking eastward into the Atlantic. 
So, what happens now, he thought to himself. The thought vanished as quickly as it appeared by another question he asked himself. Is, and did June tell him the truth, and if so how’d she know so much about his father, brother, and the world itself. How could she keep running, from something that she never could hide from, and still how did she know of a king with a dagger? Had she seen, or dreamed the dream which I have? But mainly if Bob did go, would he go by what his mother said, or would he find it more difficult? It sounds simple. Bob thought, as a wave rolled in and stayed up like a tornado twisting which only he saw.


A voice called his name, as he looked around to see if he was having a daydream. Bob then looked back at the water to see the spinning tunnel,
 “Come on my boy, come quickly.”
Bob walked into the water, and as he neared the water cyclone which spun quickly and swiftly, he looked back towards the motel which his mother was suppose to be. Bob turned back towards the tunnel and entered it without any kind of force pulling at him, and it crashed down into a wave with very little strength. No one seen Bob disappear into the tunnel, and no one probably cared.
Bob had no idea what he’d done, nor did he have an idea of where he was going. Bob had no weapons for defense, if there were a fight, or wild animals. Bob had only himself, and a little fear that he hid by the bravery and determination, which he held within his heart. He entered into the tunnel of who knows where. Bob had awakened on a bed, in a hut with no one around. He got up and stirred around in the hut made of sod, and tree limbs. 
 “Where am I?” He asked himself, hearing footsteps nearing, he hid under the bed. Bob saw the door swing open, as a boy of his age and an old balding, white bearded man entered.
 “Where’s he at grandson?”
 “I left him here grandpa.” The boy said, pointing to the bed.
 “We must find him, for he’ll never survive out yonder.”
The old man and boy left the hut leaving the door opened. Bob pulled himself from under the bed, and rushed to the opened door. The old man and boy walked together down a path towards a village.
 “That’s strange, the village is there with many of huts, but this one stands outside of the village walls.” Bob thought to himself, and he searched the hut for a weapon of any kind.
After searching for awhile Bob found a dagger, with a jewel which resembled a ruby in the end of the handle in a sheath. Bob tied it quickly to his left hamstring, top and bottom. He also found a long spear which he also grabbed while leaving out of the hut down the path towards the village. Bob stopped suddenly after walking five feet down the path and looked around him. Bob noticed that to the north was the village, the east was thick forest, then water that seemed endless, to his left (west) was also thick forest. Bob had no idea about the south, beyond the hut which he’d left only five feet back as he started walking again downhill. Bob now stood at the gates of the village, which was guarded by one tower, which stood one hundred feet away in the center of the village, with two guards. The guards wore thin metal armor, but armed themselves with wooden bow guns. One of the guards noticed Bob standing at the gates and yelled out,
Bob never thought of running because he didn’t know where to run to. He was as lost as a blind man without a lead dog here. Two soldiers opened the gates, then quickly backed away and fell to their knees bowing him as if he were a king or a god. Then the town folk also bowed to him as he stood at the gates of the village.
 “Why are you bowing to me? I’m only a lost fifteen year old boy?” Bob asked.
The guard on Bob’s right hand side stood up.
 “Why do we all bow to you? You’re the one, our protector who we’ve searched for many of years.” The guard said pointing to the bat shaped dagger on Bobs hamstring.
 “No, I found this in that hut.” Bob said, pointing towards the hut on the hillside.
 “But many have searched for the dagger for years, but never found it.” The guard said.
 “I was just looking for a weapon to protect myself with, that’s all.” Bob replied.
 “So you’re an imposter?” The guard asked.
“Imposter, to whom?” 
“Us, you silly boy.” The guard said, pointing the bow-gun at Bob. “Stop!” A voice yelled out. 
The guard lowered his bow-gun and stepped aside so that Bob could see the man which spared his life. It was the balding, white bearded old man. 
“Come!” The old man ordered. 
Bob walked toward the old man which stood ten yards from the watch tower. 
“Yes sir.”
 “Now where did you find the dagger?” 
“There.” Bob said pointing. 
“You’re brave child, but you have many things to learn. Come let us talk more.” 
Bob followed the old man to his hut which was built under the watch tower. The two entered and seated themselves. 
“I know who you are and of your being here Bob Robertson.” The old man said. “It was I who opened the tunnel in the water. Yet another asked you other questions and you have an idea also.” 
“Yes I do know who Mr…….” 
“My name’s John, John Bogart.” 
“Well Mr. Bogart as I said I know who but I also thought they opened up the tunnel also.” 
“Nonsense, they would’ve killed you quickly so I interfered and got to you first. But you must go shortly after you’re prepared.”
“Go where, I don’t even know where I’m at now?” 
“This village is called Fairfax. Theirs is known as Silver-ghost which is located northward of here.” 
“What’s there Bogart?” 
“You know Bob, but deaths there if you’re not prepared. Silver-ghost is a nightmare where torture is only the beginning. There’s a ritual that happens every full moon and it’s nearing soon.”
“Do they know of my where bouts, and what kind of ritual do you speak of?” 
“No, and it’s a killing of prisoners who rebuke him.” 
“So he’s satanic?” 
“No he’s Satan himself. You’ve done well thus far by finding the bat dagger. But it may not kill him.” 
“What does then?” 
“You’ll soon learn that too.”


Bob had long left from Bogart’s hut, wondering around the village. The people of the village still looked at Bob as if he were a king or a god. Word must travel fast here, or something. Bob thought to himself. No one looked at him as an imposter anymore as he carried the bat dagger around.
“You there!” A voice called to Bob, and he stopped in his tracks. 
Bob turned to see that it was the boy with Bogart. The boy had a sword in his left hand. Bob pulled the dagger from its sheath.
“You come here lost, and I found you, but I’ll be darned if you’ll take over.”
“Take over what………?” Bob asked, walking towards the boy, which was short, maybe five-six, one hundred- thirty pounds.
Close to each other with no bystanders around the two prepared themselves. The boy swung his sword at Bobs head, and Bob swiftly moved in to cut the boy on the shoulder of his right side. The boy swung again wildly at Bob’s waist. Bob started to move in as a hand grabbed his right wrist. 
“Mr. Bogart.”
“What are you two doing?” 
“Fighting, I guess” Bob answered.
“Why must you two destroy each other?”
“I was only defending myself, Bogart.”
“I understand, Bob.”
“What about you, Stan?”
“I felt that he would take over.”
“That’s not why he’s here Stan, he’s here for awhile true, but he’s got to move on later. “Now it’s over?”
“Yes Sir, Bogart.”
“Yes grandpa.”
“Good, you two are ordered to hang together until I decide when.”
Bogart went on back to his hut, as Bob and Stan placed their weapons back into their sheaths, and shook hands. Bob and Stan hardly talked to each other as they rambled in the village. Bob, felt a bit wiser and more capable of defending himself though he hadn’t started his training yet. Stan was jealous because he thought that Bob would take over after John passed. “Why?” Bob wondered. The two began talking as the day came to an end. Bob sheltered with Stan in his hut, which was left of Bogart’s.
 “So, Stan, I know we started off wrong……but what did you mean by me taking over?” 
“Bob, I’m the last Bogart here in the village. I was raised up by the man whom, you call Bogart since I was five, now that I’m twenty; I qualify to be the next king here in Fairfax.” 
“So you thought that I wanted to be the king?” 
“Yes, by the people’s actions, I did.” 
“Never Stan would I do such, but I would be delighted to be a king, but not yet…..for I’ve got a lot to learn.” 
“Bob I underestimated you, and your abilities.”
“It’s alright Stan, for tomorrow we’ll train hard together for we both can be underestimated.”
“That’s a deal Bob.” Stan said, blowing out the lamp in the window.
Morning came quickly it seemed. Bob was up and stirring around before dawn. The others began moving as the pinkness in the sky faded away. Bob had no clue of nothing still, and he worried so much about his mother back in Savannah, as Stan met up with him.
“You sure do get up early.” 
“Yes, I know.” 
“I don’t know Stan, maybe it’s just…..” 
“Just what Bob?”
“I’ve got a lot on my mind, with so little time to do it in, by the way, what time is it anyway?” 
“I don’t know, why?” 
“Just wondering.” 
“Boys come quickly.” Bogart called. 
“Yes sir.” 
“Are you ready for your training?” 
“Yes sir.” 
“Good, go find Will and tell him I want you two trained well.” 
The boys ran quickly away in search of Will, the village’s top fighter. The boys found him training two others when they arrived. 
“Will, Bogart said that he wanted us well trained.” 
“I guess.” Stan answered. 
“Good then.” Will replied. 
“And you are?” 
“Bob…..Bob Robertson.” 
“Well, well I’ve heard about you from Bogart already.” 
“It wasn’t bad was it?” 
“Only if you’re not trained properly, it will be. Come, let’s begin. Stan, and Bob these girls are Lily, and Jane Meads. Now that we have the introductions over with let’s begin by warming up.”
For two weeks straight, the four students became better fighters. Will trained them hand to hand combat, how to use a knife, a bow-gun, and a spear. Bob impressed Will the most with his determination, and hidden abilities. Will asked Bogart on several occasions to make Bob a major in their military, under himself which Will is a commander. Bogart was the commander in chief the highest military ranking in the Fairfax village, then commander, then nothing. Bogart knew that Bob had to move onward, though he regretted making the decision, and turning down Will. 
“Train Stan harder and we’ll make him a major.” 
“He’ll never make it Bogart, he’s not determined enough.” 
“Fine then, are they through training then?” 
“Except for leaving the village for one day, and a night.” 
“Well, send them first thing in the morning.” 
“Yes sir.” 
Will returned to the training yard as the four waited. 
“In the morning, first thing you’ll all head out alone, that will finish you up with your training……you want be back here until the following morning. You’ll have to find your food, and shelter, there’s no buddy teams, so as I said you’ll be by yourselves out there, understood? Now then go rest up, and be ready to meet me at the gates in the morning at dawn.” 
As the weeks of training passed, Bob fell in love with Lily, and Stan fell in love with Jane. The four hung together and had their privacy. Jane and Lily were twins; they had black hair, stood five-two, and were slim. The two was also twenty as was Stan, Bob really didn’t know his age now since there was no time here.

Bob and Stan arrived first at the gates of Fairfax. Then Lily and Jane came shortly afterwards. The four had talked for a bit as Will finally arrived as the sun was visible now.
“Alright, there are four bags which include a flint rock, a canteen, five bolts for your crossbows, and a knife. Now your crossbows are coming……….here they are now with them.”
Bob, Stan, Lily, and Jane each held a crossbow as the four put the packs on their backs.
 “Alright Bob you go eastward, Lily you go northward, Stan you go westward, and Jane you go southward, beyond the hut now.”
Will had the gates opened and the four went their own ways to find camp for themselves in the unknown.

Jane and Stan used the same methods of shelter. They found themselves a cave. Stan ate birds, while Jane ate bird eggs and birds also. Bob and Lily cut down a small tree and covered it with thick, green limbs. Therefore they used the same method of shelter. Bob ate bird eggs, rabbit, and birds. Lily struggled to kill her food. Stan stacked himself up some wood for heat in the cold cave, as did Jane. Bob ate, then built his fire up under the trees away from his shelter, then headed westward towards Lily’s site. Bob snuck up on Lily’s camp to see that she’d done as he had, but Lily wasn’t there. Nearby was a stream which he filled his canteen with water. As Bob tightened the cap he heard a stick snap. He put his canteen around his neck and loaded his bow gun. Bob hid in a brush of thick weeds, to see Lily walking into her site, discouraged. Bob saw that there was no harm now, and stood up and walked towards Lily.
 “What’s wrong with you?”
 “I can’t kill anything to eat and I’m starved.”
About that time a rabbit appeared, and Bob took the shot.
 “Well there’s dinner for you anyways.” Bob said, grabbing up the rabbit.
Lily cleaned the rabbit, and put it over the opened fire.
 “You know I’m set up just like this here, same format, except I have no water.”
 “That’s why you’re here?”
 “Sure is, I rambled here from the east. I built my shelter, gathered wood for the fire tonight; all I have to do now is kill supper.”
 “Well, all I need to do is get myself some wood up, and kill supper also Bob.”
 “It sure is beautiful here, looking over Fairfax.”
 “I can’t even see the village.”
 “I imagine not Bob; the east is the flattest land around here. So tell me when do you leave for Silver Ghost.”
 “I really don’t know Lily.” 
 “What about you and me? Where do you go after Silver Ghost?”
 “Lily, I’m sorry that I can’t answer your questions.”
 “Well, I was just wondering.”
 “I understand, I’d better get going myself, it’ll be dark soon and I got to kill my supper still.”
Lily stood up in front of Bob as they now faced each other.
 “You know that you don’t have to go back, you can stay with me.”
 “Lily, I understand…….but if we get caught then who knows what’ll happen.
 “I’m a grown lady, Bob……..I respect my parents, so come on.”
Lily reached for Bob’s right hand, as he held the bow gun in his left hand. She led him to her shelter. Bob dropped the bow gun at the entrance as the two went inside. Bob seemed afraid more than ever now, as Lily began kissing him the tension loosened up. Bob began undressing Lily as her bra, and panties remained.
 “Well aren’t you going to take them off also?”
Bob didn’t have to be asked twice, as he undone her bra, and slipped off her silky panties. Bob then undressed himself, and began slowly with the kisses, and caressing of her breast. Bob had forgotten about Silver Ghost, and his mother. Most of all he never forgot that he wasn’t fifteen anymore, because he never really knew that five years passed by when he crossed into the tunnel, and Lily’s hunger vanished as Bob took control of her body in the north.

“Well so much for your dinner, it burnt.”
 “I’ll kill something later on then.”
 “Well I’m going back to my camp, you be careful out here tonight.”
 “You too.” Bob said, as he walked back eastward.”
Lily took the burnt rabbit from the opened fire and tossed it into the woods. Lily looked back up towards the east, but Bob had vanished quickly within the forest. Lily went to gather her some fire wood for the night, and then went hunting for supper. Bob neared his camp with an uneasy feeling, so he stopped. Dusk was only minutes away, and then his vision would’ve worsened. Bob crawled on his elbows and knees looking for something that made him feel uneasy. Bob saw nothing, maybe it’s just my imagination. As Bob started getting up a foot met him in his back knocking him onto his belly. Bob lost his bow-gun and rolled onto his back when he saw a man in his late forties, with wrinkles, smiling at him with yellowish, rotten teeth, and his eyes sunk back into his head. The man wore black dress pants, shinny dress shoes, a white shirt, and a sports jacket which was also black. The man’s hair was black as coal and slicked back.
 “Come, get up.”
Bob got to his feet slowly, and aching.
 “Who are you?” Bob asked.
 “Do you really want to know, Bob?”
 “Well then, I’m your father Cain.”
 “You’ve been missing for five years now, why?”
 “I only thought that you opened up the tunnel, but you didn’t.”
 “Precisely, I didn’t. And for that Mr. John Bogart, and Fairfax they’re going to be surprised in a bit.”
 “No, father don’t do it please…….I beg of you.”
 “Never mind you’re begging, now you have nothing, nothing at all.”
 “You’re lying.”
 “Whatever you say my son, but I will give you more than you have now, for you have nothing but emptiness within yourself.”
 “I may be empty within myself now.”
 “I would and could only imagine Bob. Like I said though, I’ll give you everything that you lack within yourself, and more.”
Bob thought of Bogart, Fairfax, and hoped that Lily wouldn’t show up any time soon.
 “So do you wish to trade or not, my son?”
 “What for what?”
 “Your empty mortal soul, for more than you have now or ever had. It’ll be better in the future, but only if you agree because Bogart and Fairfax are no more. And to think that they looked up to you as if you were a king or a god. Now look at yourself.”
 “Fine then, I have nothing more to love now that you’ve brutally killed Bogart, and the villagers in Fairfax. What must I do?”
 “Just sign your name in blood on this document.”
Bob pulled out the bat dagger and cut open his right index finger, and signed the paper.
 “Good then, now that you’ve lost everything that you really had, let us carry out the destruction of Bogart and Fairfax. And the dying soul, that you gave to the devil himself.”
 “You tricked me into thinking you’d already killed them.”
 “Amazing how I got two for nothing isn’t it Bob?”
Bob was angered and swung his left fist at Cain. Cain caught it, placing a glove which went from Bob’s elbow down to his knuckles on his fingers. Bob swung his right fist at Cain, the same result happened.
 “What’s this?”
 “It’s more than you’ve ever had; especially now there’s no more Fairfax over there.” Cain said, laughing.
Bob rushed after Cain.
 “Remember I own you now.” Cain said, stopping Bob in his tracks.
 “What are these things?”
 “They’re all you have now Bob.” Cain said, as he vanished within thin air.
Bob heard the fighting in Fairfax.
Bob rushed northward to see about Lily, she was cooking another rabbit.
 “Lily, we must go now.”
 “Where Bob?”
 “Back to Fairfax, that’s where our true test is.”
 “What do you mean?”
 “They’re under Cain’s attack Lily; I don’t have time to explain the situation right now.”
Lily grabbed up her bow gun and followed Bob through the forest.

As Bob and Lily reached the Fairfax gates, the war had been over. Stan and Jane fought the ending, but they too got there late. The villagers lay mutilated within the village. 
 “How did this occur, Bob?”
 “Why do you ask me? I’m not to blame.”
 “How do I know you’re not?”
 “Take it, the way you see it.”
 “I will. Stan replied, pulling his sword from its sheath.”
 “Not again.”
 “Why are you afraid?”
 “Afraid of what? Who? You’re the king?”
 “Listen guys let’s look around to see if anyone’s alive.” Lily said.
 “Jane, you and Stan go that way, me and Bob will go this way, check all the huts.”
“You two find anything?”

“Nothing Jane except for naked bodies with engravings on their chest.” 
 “Funny that’s all we found also Lily. A moment of weakness, on some. Then some had, a lifetime of torment.”
 “Did anyone find Bogart?” Stan asked.
 “No, no trace.” Jane said.
 “What about there?” Bob said, pointing to the hut on the hillside. 
Bob and Lily rushed up the trail to the hut.
 “Bogart! Bogart you here?”
A moan caught Bob’s attention.
 “My god what happened?”
 “You traded your mortal soul, for this Bob. Now only you can stop it. Go northward, that’s where you’ll find Silver Ghost.”
Bogart died after that.
 “I told you, you were to blame.” Stan said, slicing Bob on his left arm.
 “No, I’m not.” Bob said, as two knives appeared out of the top of his hands.
After the dispute between Bob and Stan, the four returned back to the village of Fairfax, and buried the dead. Stan, lead the other three into his grandpa’s sod hut, under the watch tower and they seated themselves around an eating table.
 “I must go to Silver Ghost, now that my training is complete.”
 “You’ll go nowhere without my consent, understood?”
 “No, it’s not understood Stan…… I wished for once that you’d make a wise decision, because some day now that you’re the king here, you will have to make one. Even your grandpa knew that I had to move on.”
 “If you don’t?”
 “They’ll come again then. They’ll kill only the poor, sick, and weak, except me.”
 “Why not Bob?”
 “Well Stan when I met with Cain, my father, he fooled me.”
 “How was that Bob?”
 “He told me that Fairfax was already destroyed, and that got me down, so I signed over to him my dying soul. Then afterwards he destroyed Fairfax.”
 “Help me rebuild Fairfax, and then you shall go on your way.”
 “Alright you have a deal, but don’t cross me.”
 “Don’t worry Bob; I’m your friend indeed.”
 “And something else, I need you to work on finding out how to get me from here after all is done.”
 “What do you mean Bob? If you’re going to Silver Ghost, don’t expect to leave after you start with them, and they attack us again.”
 “That’s not what I’m saying Stan, I need you to find the portal that your grandpa used to get me here, understood?”
 “Yes, but only after two weeks from when you return from Silver Ghost can you leave.”
 “Why’s that? After I come back from Silver Ghost no one will survive there after I’m finished.”
 “We’ll see.”
 “Yes, we shall Stan.”
 “Now let’s begin if we’re going to rebuild Fairfax, so that I can hurry up and leave.”
 “You’re so self-centered Bob, you’re willing to leave only three of us here, under god knows what occurring circumstances?”
 “Two things Stan, one is I’m not your babysitter, and two I’m not a prisoner so you want hold me against my will.”
 “Leave now then, we’ll manage.”
 “You don’t understand Stan, you’re too weak to rule such of a city as Fairfax with human lives, if you’re weak, all’s weak.” Bob said, standing looking at each person directly in the face.
 “You’re the king now; you decide how to control your city.” Bob said, walking out of the sod house.
Lilly followed calling to him.
 “Bob what’s wrong with you?”
 “Nothing’s wrong Lily.”
“You’re lying aren’t you? Because you’re not the man that I knew back at my camp. Bob when I first laid eyes on you, I knew then that I could love you. Even though you were a stranger, my daily life wouldn’t let me catch up with you. You were the first, and you’ll be the last. Now tell me of your plans.”
“My plans involve going to Silver Ghost and to return a favor. I must kill my father, and brother there. And after it’s complete I must return back home.”
 “Why can’t you stay here?”
 “It’s not in my plans Lily, I once loved you, but now that I was fooled and traded my soul, I have no room for love, love doesn’t exist anymore to me.”
 “You can love again Bob, and you know it.”
 “Maybe you’re right, but maybe not.” Bob said, walking away through the gates of Fairfax, and up the path.
Bob entered into the hut which this place began for him. Bob looked in the hut for clues and answers, which may help him to return home.
 “What you search for isn’t here my friend.” Stan said.
Bob turned to see the three standing at the huts door.
 “Fine then Stan, I know that you need me, like I need you for now.”
 “Let’s talk now.” Stan said.
The four sat within the hut, making first the constitution for Fairfax, and the laws. Then they figured on finding aid within the land. Bob decided that he would travel southward, until making a circle around Fairfax in search of any survivors.
 “May I go with you Bob?” Lily asked.
 “I don’t recommend it, but I’ll leave it up to you and Stan.”
Bob had written the constitution and the laws on paper, as the four signed it. Stan kelp the legal documents, and would store them away at a later day in his hut which sat in the center of Fairfax.
 “Now for rebuilding Fairfax Stan. When I first arrived at the gates I remained unseen for a little while. So therefore I say that we build four watchtowers at the northeast, northwest, southeast, and at the southwest of Fairfax.”
 “In the corners then?”
 “Exactly Stan, but we must find others to help us. That’s why I’ll travel the land, with Lily, in search for others who roam with nowhere to go.”
 “Where then shall you begin looking?”
 “In the south, then I’ll cut west, then north and east.”
 “Well then let’s prepare you two.”
Bob and Lily each carried a knife, a bow gun, some flint rocks, and twenty bolts for their bow guns, along with a canteen, as they headed southward.
 “You know Lily I really don’t need these weapons, for I’m already a killing machine without them.”
Bob reached for the bat knife to see that it was gone. “I lost the bat dagger somewhere?” Bob thought of where it could be, and then he remembered the meeting of Cain and him. “I cut myself with the dagger, and it was gone.” Bob remembered. “He must’ve given it to Cain along with the signed deed. 
Bob and Lily went out about a mile from Fairfax, when they found a village in the south.
 “Let’s be careful now. Let me go into the village solo, and then you follow. ” Bob said.
The two agreed. Bob went into the village and searched around to come up empty handed. He went back to the gates, and motioned for Lily. Lily saw him, but she also seen past him, behind him stood twelve men with spears. Bob waited on Lily, but she never came. One of the men nudged him from behind. Bob turned quickly to see the same twelve men as Lily had.
 “I come in peace and in need. For I know who done such of a thing, but I alone can’t stop him.”
Bob persuaded the men.
 “Don’t harm him, let him come to me.” A voice said.
The twelve men divided into two groups of six and opened up a path. Bob saw a man wearing a blue robe, standing with twelve others around him.
 “So why do you come here?”
 “I came to find any survivors who are willing to help rebuild Fairfax.”
 “Who sends you?”
 “Stan Bogart sends me.”
 “How many survivors are left there? And who are you?”
 “There’s only four, and I’m Bob Robertson.”
 “Well I’m John, John Wells; I’m the ruler here at Marim. We shall go with you, but I make no promises yet.”
 “That’s understandable John.” Bob said, leading the twenty-five out of Marim, which now remained deserted. 
Lily met up with Bob, and they headed west, along with twenty-five followers. The twenty-seven people remained within a mile of Fairfax as they saw another village in the northwest. The village looked unharmed, but looks also lied. Bob stopped the others, and had them to spread out long ways in a line as they approached the village. At ten yards out Bob stopped them once more.
 “I’ll enter first, and then on my orders you come, but not before then.”
Bob walked towards the village and entered. He searched for any survivors, but found only prisoners locked in a cage of concrete with a metal door. Bob searched a guard outside the door, and found the key to the door. The guards body was mutilated as everyone else had been, here and in Fairfax. Bob opened the metal door, to see thirty scared faces of adults, to children. 
 “Come with me.” Bob said, offering his hand out.
The thirty people got to their feet and went out of the cell, and out of the village. The thirty people met up with the other twenty-six.
 “Now there are fifty-seven of us.” Bob said, leading the way north, then eastward, and back to Fairfax.
Stan and Jane met Bob and the other fifty-six at the gates of Fairfax. Stan, Jane, Bob, Lily, and John Wells went into Stan’s hut to discuss the constitution, laws, and the plans of rebuilding Fairfax. No one added anything more to the constitution, laws, or the plans. Stan now king of Fairfax appointed the other four to the committee, Lily and Jane would keep up with documents. Bob was commander of the military and John was in charge of rebuilding Fairfax.

As Fairfax was slowly rebuilt the completion took two months after they had started. Everyone had settled in a hut of their choice with a friend, companion, sister, or brother. Fairfax had ten foot walls, which were five feet thick, the four watchtowers had two people apiece in them.
 “So, what now Stan?” Bob asked.
 “Well since you’re the commander of defense here; let’s begin training for the men first, then the male children. I’ll let Jane and Lily train the females and female children. I’m appointing John Wells to Major of the military.” Stan replied.
 “Isn’t it too soon for that? Let’s see how he does in training first.”
 “Alright, we’ll wait for now then, but keep me informed of everyone’s progress.”
 “I will Stan.” Bob said, walking away, picking his first comrades first.
Bob had trained three teams consisting of thirty men in six weeks, and named each group. The first group went by the bandits, the second went by the warriors, and the third which was the children went by cubbies. The cubbies had less, and easier training. Wells was appointed Major by Stan, which was good for Bob. Lily and Bob stayed in Stan’s old hut, and Wells stayed to the right of Stan in a hut. Night was coming quickly as Fairfax readied themselves for a night of unity for the first time in about three and a half months, since the village now had fifty-nine people. Thirty were males, and twenty- nine were females.

“It want be long will it?” Lily asked, sitting by Bob on the bed. 
 “No it want be Lily. I must go, I wished that I didn’t have to, but I know that I have no choice.”
 “Why don’t you have a choice?
 “Just like the way I can’t love you Lily.”
 “You have loved me, and we know that it changed after you met with Cain.”
 “Lily I can’t love, for the same reason that I must go to Silver Ghost. If I don’t go they’ll come back and history will be repeated, and if they know of a love, they’ll surely kill her too.”
 “Well Bob; let’s take that chance, no matter what you’ve done or what shall happen. I want you to know that you can still love.” Lily said, pushing Bob back onto the bed. 
Without hesitation Bob done as before, his fingers unbutton Lily’s shirt, then undone her bra. Lily stood up, and undone her shoes, and her pants, then her panties. Bob undressed himself, as Lily got into bed. He blew out the lamp, and joined Lily in the bed. Bob held her tightly, caressing her breast, then her legs, and up to her thigh. Bob positioned himself on top of Lily and once more made love as before, and once more he found the love which Lily had spoke of.
Bob awakened by a nightmare about his mother, June. Lily also awoke, naked sitting up with Bob.
 “You alright.”
 “Just a bad dream.”
Lily rubbed his back until he laid back down. The two faced each other, and Lily kissed his lips. He knew that they were chancing Lily’s life, but she wanted him once more before all of Fairfax started stirring. Bob once more got situated and made love once more to Lily. Bob felt secure now, as he felt and shared a love that his father Cain said he never would have again. Dawn broke, and the sun rose eastward, shinning through the clouds above, as Bob and Lily finished up. Bob got up followed by Lily. The two dressed themselves, and prepared themselves for the new day, as someone knocked on the door. Bob answered it, to see Stan.
 “Come, we need to talk.”
Bob looked at Lily, and then followed Stan to his hut. Jane left as the two men entered into the hut.
 “Bob, Cain has attacked again, but it wasn’t nowhere around here.”
 “Where was it then?”
 “I really don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s your mother.”
Bob stood up and clinched his fists together as the two knife blades about twelve inches long came from the top of his right and left hands from the gloves which Cain placed on him.
 “What in the world are those?”
 “My weapons.” Bob answered.
 “I know that I promised you that whenever things were done here you could go on your way to Silver Ghost, for that’s your destiny and has been.”
 “I’ll be leaving today then, Stan. I’m going to finish this once and for all. Once I’m done peace will be felt throughout all of this land. But also remember if you prosper, stay in good health, and remain strong Fairfax shall not be defeated, it’s up to you Stan to keep unity here.”
 “I will Bob, and if you should prevail, I want you back here as soon as you can get back.”
 “Cain and Judas are my father and my brother, they’ve grown impatient with me therefore he killed her to hurry me to Silver Ghost.”
 “Now you go Bob, before anymore damage is done.”
Bob left out of Stan’s hut quickly.

Bob walked out of Fairfax, and up to where the hut sat on the southern hillside. Bob sat on the bed, looking eastward at the water below, as he thought of himself five years ago. Just fifteen, a boy still only having his mother to show him, and teach him things that his dad should’ve done. Everyone that Bob loved had now died, and others would follow unless he moved on. Bob was brave, and unafraid of taking his chances. Later on Lily would probably be killed, and anyone that Bob cared about, if Bob didn’t destroy Cain and Judas quickly. It only seemed that trouble followed Bob no matter where he went, or who he met. The more Bob thought about his mother, his friends in Fairfax the madder he became. Then he thought of why his mother lied to him, about such places here. Why have things turned out the way which they have and why? Bob stood up, and the memories passed by him once more quickly, and Bob became raged by the happenings. Bob changed into a monster, horns grew from his head, and the knives appeared once again, as his eyes glowed red.
 “Bob, Bob!” Lily called to him, running up the path.
 “Come quickly we’re under attack.”
Bob moved swiftly downhill towards Fairfax, behind Lily. They entered into the gates, as they were quickly shut and locked. Lily turned to see what the others had already seen.
 “Is that you Bob?”
 “It is me, Lily. This is what I got in return for my mortal soul. But enough about me for now, which way are they coming from?”
 “The north again.” Stan answered.
 “I’ll cut them off then, bandits you all guard during the day, warrior’s at night, and you all change weekly understood?”
Bob turned, to only be stopped by Stan’s voice.
 “You can’t leave yet, not with them coming.”
 “What do you think I’m betraying you all? I’m not; I’m stopping them before they arrive here. By the way you’ve already gave me orders to go, so you can’t stop me.”
Bob looked into Lily’s eyes, which were bluish-green.
 “This is not who I am.”
 “I know who you are within Bob, no matter what’s outside, I know that you care, and that you love.”
Bob kissed Lily on the lips and turned towards the gates. Stan grabbed Wells bow gun, and fired at Bob. Bob turned back towards Stan.
 “No bullets of any type can penetrate me within one hundred yards Stan, so I take it that you were trying to kill me?”
 “No Bob it misfired, though I was trying to stop you.

Stan ordered the guards to open the front gates for Bob and when he was out the gates were shut and locked back as Bob went northward. Fifty yards from Fairfax was the forty-five servants of Cain’s. Bob sliced, and stabbed the servants one by one as they fell dead in the forest. Bob looked back at Fairfax, and went onward to the north. Bob ran into another slew of Cain’s servants two miles away from Fairfax. He killed fifty servants as he had the forty-five. Bob examined one of the servants this time to see that they all once used to be beings of life. But now they looked burnt, as the skin was brownish and flaky. Their eyes were solid white, with no life. As Bob got up he noticed that all of the servants had the same symbol on their foreheads. It looked like a lower case y with an arrow on the tail, and within the upper part was an upright v. it looked to Bob as a satanic sign of some sort, but he was unsure and moved onward. Two days had passed since Bob left Fairfax, so Wells, and The Bandits went out of Fairfax to the north, to find the forty-five dead mutilated servants that Bob killed on his way to the north, which was his destiny.

Bob was relaxed and was back looking like himself as he looked northward from a cliff. He saw the city of Silver Ghost beyond the forest below about a half of a mile away from what he named lookout cliff. Bob headed down lookout cliff, for the forest below. Bob was met by twenty more of Cain’s servants. The servants got the best of Bob in the beginning, but his madness is what had changed that. Bob had his horns, his eyes were red, and then the knives appeared. Bob worked his way to his feet, and then he killed the other servants standing towards him. Bob, walked away from the dead servants, as his anger burned at him within as he neared Silver Ghost. Bob didn’t see any more servants, as he now stood at the entrance of what he thought was Silver Ghost. Bob had no fear, no worries, only anger remained within him now, as he entered into the village. Bob killed the two guards with ease which guarded the southern gates. As he continued his killing spree of nine guests eating within the dining room, then he headed up a flight of concrete stairs on the western side of the dining room. Normal people it seemed rushed at Bob, and he mutilated their bodies before they fell on the carpet flooring. Bob walked on with determination for revenge. He went down a hallway to his left, which oversaw a courtyard below outside. Then he came to a door at the end of the hallway, Bob entered. Here Bob found a large opened room, as if it were a conference room. Bob saw no one here, so he turned and went down the stair casing to find the dining room below. Bob went back out of the southern gates and looked around. He walked northward past what he thought was Silver Ghost, until he saw his destiny. Silver Ghost was a village made of stone, which looked silver, and it also looked like a ghost town. No one stirred around within the village, nor were there any guards.
 “Must be a setup.” Bob thought to himself, still angered. 
Bob walked within Silver Ghost. No one came to greet him because there was no one around.
 “There must be an underground world.” Bob thought to himself, as an image of Cain appeared.
 “So I see that you’ve made it and you’ve came alone. Why do you fear dying? You act as if you’re going to die as a human, but don’t you know that you’re mortal?”
 “Maybe I do fear, Cain, maybe I do have feelings, maybe I just couldn’t find them even though I traded my mortal soul for what I am now. Maybe it took someone showing me that I was wrong all along.”
 “You’re such of a fool Bob.” Cain’s image said, disappearing.
Silver Ghost became foggy and began changing its form. The fog started out being dense, and then became heavier. Bob stood still as the fog lifted to dense again. Silver Ghost was gone, now only saw grass covered the land.
 “This is becoming crazier as I remain here, but I’ve got to stay.” Bob said.
He didn’t know where to go, nor did he know where he was. Bob was only prepared for the worst, because he knew that there was no better until Cain and Judas was destroyed. Bob stood motionless, looking for an attack on him as he heard footsteps approaching him from the south. As the footsteps neared Bob, he turned quickly within the dense fog to see Wells, along with the Warrior’s 

“Where are we at Bob?”

“I don’t even know myself John, this place changes so much.”
 “I’m glad to see that you didn’t come alone.”
 “Yes, I brought along the ten warriors to help us.” Wells replied.
 “What about Fairfax?”
 “The cubbies and bandits know what to do.” John Wells replied.
 “Alright here’s the plan.” Bob said, huddling up with the other eleven men. “When I first arrived here I saw a building which had people in it. They ran towards me, so I killed them.” 
 “So the building, like the heavy fog vanished and became this place which is now saw grass……..the wastelands?”
 “Exactly Wells, but also I’m thinking that Silver Ghost, knowing Judas and Cain, is underground within hell itself.”
 “Those marks upon the foreheads of those servant’s, were awkward.”
 “So you did notice them then Wells?”
 “Of course I did Bob.”
 “Well anyways we’ve got to try and find the entrance to Silver Ghost. It’s not going to be easy within this fog, so we must spread out and look hard.” Bob said, as the twelve men formed a line and began walking within the saw grass with their weapons which varied from swords to bow guns drawn.

After awhile Bob put an end to the search for Silver Ghost. The men lowered their weapons and started joining up again. The saw grass was knocked over from the men stomping, and walking over it. The twelve men once again hurdled in a circle to regroup, as the stomped down saw grass stood upright again. The men noticed it quickly, but the saw grass got thicker, bigger, and stronger as it wrapped around the twelve men, which struggled until they became exhausted. The dense fog became heavier once more, and it seemed to dense as fast as it became heavy for the twelve tangled men to see themselves encircled by fifty of Cain’s servants along with Cain himself. With Cain’s orders the servants closed the circle, and attacked the twelve warriors. Bob balled up his fists in anger and the knives appeared, then his inner-self became visible. Bob cut himself free from the saw grass, and began defending his warriors from the servants attacks. Bob would destroy five to ten servants in a time frame, then he’d slash the saw grass down which still tried grabbing him, but soon enough all fifty servants laid scattered about within the trimmed saw grass. Only three warriors remained along with Wells and Bob as they stared at Cain. The five men waited for Cain to attack, but instead he lifted the dense fog to reveal Silver Ghost three-hundred yards away to the northwest. Cain turned and walked towards Silver Ghost as Bob’s voice stopped him.
 “Why did you help us, or is this a set up?”
 “You’ve proven yourself to me Bob.”
 “That’s not what I asked of you Cain.”
 “Fine then Bob, now that you see Silver Ghost, do you dare come within its walls to answer your own questions?”
 “I believe I will Cain.”
 “Remember Bob that I made who you are now, and I can take it from you at any given moment.” Cain said, turning back towards Silver Ghost.
 “And if you shall enter Silver Ghost, be prepared to die. I know that you’re coming, but as I say this will be the end for you Bob.” Cain said, laughing.


“Wells you all don’t have to come into Silver ghost with me, you know.”
 “I understand Bob, but we’ve come too far to leave you stranded now.”
 “I understand that also, but I don’t know what Cain and Judas have planned beyond those walls. And I also know that I must go into Silver Ghost, but I prefer that I go alone.” 
“Why Bob?” 
 “I started out on this journey alone, and I’ll finish it out alone also.” 
 “Well do you need us to stay here on the outer walls, or what?” 
 “No, I need you to get back to Fairfax. I have a feeling Cain’s going to attack again now that he knows that I’m here.” 
 “Alright then we’ll head back to Fairfax, but you be careful.” 
 “I’ll do my best, and since Cain knows that, like I’ve said he’ll probably attack Fairfax. But that gives me an edge with Judas, since Cain’s the strongest of the two.” Bob said, turning towards Silver Ghost. 
 “You all must hurry back to Fairfax, and always be prepared for an attack.” Bob said, walking towards Silver Ghost using the same trail as Cain did.
Bob crossed the drawbridge which led into Silver Ghost. Once he was inside the drawbridge rose up, and locked. Bob looked around the fort, and found no one. In the middle of Silver Ghost was a tomb which caught Bob’s attention. Bob walked over to see that it was opened, and within it was a flight of stairs which led downward. He went down the steps, into a dark cellar which had shackles hanging from the walls, and scattered human bones was scattered along the ground. As Bob cautiously walked through the cellar, and headed for a tunnel he started hearing chants, and echoing metal against metal. At the end of the tunnel Bob saw at least a hundred servants with swords and axes. Judas talked to the crowd of servants, and they’d cheer by hitting their weapons together or against the metal floor. Bob hid behind a stone pillar as he watched the ritual. The servants got silent when ten captive people entered the room in shackles. Judas continued talking as the captive people encircled a circle within the metal floor. As Judas finished talking, the servants killed the ten shackled prisoners, blood splattered upon the walls and the floor. Blood flowed like a stream to the middle of the circle within the metal floor. Watching the servants slay the ten prisoners made Bob madder, and he came out of hiding. Bob dashed towards the one hundred servants, and attacked them unmercifully. The blood of the servants ran to the center of the circle as that of the ten prisoners. Bob had killed all of the servants, as he now stood face to face with his brother, Judas.
 “So what do you do now Bob?”
 “I came here to destroy you and Cain. Since Cain isn’t here I guess it is easy picking for who’s first.”
 “You think it’s that easy, don’t you?” Judas said, pulling out the bat dagger.
Bob was prepared to fight Judas, as was Judas ready to fight him. Judas looked around to see that his servants were all dead, and that he had to fight Bob or be killed. Judas charged at Bob with the dagger in his right hand, and managed to cut Bob deep on his left forearm. Blood rushed from the cut, but Bob forgot the pain and charged at Judas knocking him to the ground. Bob sat on Judas’ chest and reared back his right hand.
 “Well Judas you inflicted the first wound, but you’re also the first to die.”
Judas looked Bob in his eyes with a stare, as the circle opened up behind Bob, a large serpent favoring a snake appeared. The serpent had reddish scalely skin, with reddish-orange eyes, and long vangs. Bob looked over his shoulder to see the serpent, and then back at Judas in his black long trench coat. Bob grabbed the bat dagger, as the serpents black, sticky tongue wrapped around Bob, pulling him upward from Judas. The giant serpent bashed Bob into the concrete walls, ceiling, and into the metal floor amongst the one hundred dead servants, repeatedly. Bob held onto the dagger never losing his grip, as the serpent again wrapped Bob up with its tongue. The serpent tightened on his grip, as Bob struggled for air, and breaking free, but it wore him down. The serpent rolled Bob closer to his mouth, and he managed to get to his left arm free, then Bob cut through the serpents tongue, and grabbed its lower jaw. The serpent was wounded, as it started going downward into the hole which it’d came from. Bob cut himself free with his right hand which embraced the dagger, and climbed upward towards the serpent’s forehead. Once Bob had made it, he started hitting the serpent between the eyes with the blade of the dagger. The serpent moved wildly as Bob held on. The serpent’s neck was even with the metal floor, the serpent fell quickly to the floor, dead, and Bob managed to hold on. Bob got to his feet and spotted Judas. He put the dagger away in its sheath, and charged at Judas as before. Judas fell to the metal floor with mercy and fear in his eyes as Bob stood over him.
 “Why didn’t you leave when you had a chance?”
Judas began trembling as he tried to speak, and sweat began dripping down his face.
 “Well, I’ll tell you why. Because you figured that the serpent would kill me, but it didn’t. Neither you, nor Cain really understands my powers, even though Cain made me. You two figured that killing me would be easy, but you two created more than you could bargain for.” Bob said, slashing at Judas with his right and left handed knives. 

Bob came out of the tomb which he nearly died in to see the drawbridge being lowered. As Bob started walking, the sound of stone rubbing stone stopped him. He looked back towards the tomb to see that the slab was covering up the hole, and he walked on out of Silver Ghost. As Bob crossed the green forest towards lookout cliff he thought about Fairfax, Lily, and of Cain. He knew too well that Cain wouldn’t stop now, and who knows what he’d do to whoever or whatever. The thought never strayed from Bobs mind, as he wondered towards Fairfax from the north. His anger had ceased as he turned back into human form, as he seen Fairfax in a distance. Bob stopped, and figured coming from the north would be obvious, so he went westward, to his knowledge Fairfax was still standing, but all to quiet. Bob could see people within the five watchtowers, but no one hardly stirred around in Fairfax. He got to his feet, and found his way to the gates of Fairfax, unseen. The gateman never heard Bob using the dagger to unlock the gates, as he faced Fairfax, and not the gates themselves. Bob grabbed the gateman from behind, and covered his mouth with his left hand.
 “Don’t say or try anything stupid, alright? Now, I’m going to ask you a question and you’re going to shake your head up and down for yes or side to side for no.”
Bob let the gateman go, and pulled the bat dagger from its sheath.
 “Alright first of all pick up your bow gun.”
The gateman done as Bob ordered him to do.
 “You ready to answer?”
The gateman nodded his head up and down.
 “Do you know who I am?”
The gateman nodded yes.
 “Do you know if anyone suspicious came here recently?”
The gateman nodded no.
 “Has anyone came here within the time that I was gone?”
The gateman nodded no.
 “Has there been any conflict?”
The gateman nodded no.
 “Well why in the hell do you have your back to the gates then?”
The gateman shrugged his shoulders.
 “Alright then one last question, and then you can face me. Do you know Cain?” “Have you seen him here?”
The gateman nodded yes to the first question, and no to the other.
 “Alright turn and face me.” Bob said.
 “Don’t never let me catch you with your back to these gates again, understood?”
 “Yes sir.” The gateman replied.
 “If I do, you’ll pull duty outside of these walls. These people here depend on you all to stand guard at all times, not just sometimes. Your job is to protect the people of Fairfax, not help kill them with stupidity.” Bob said, walking past the gateman, placing the dagger back into its sheath.

Bob walked towards Stan’s hut in the middle of Fairfax and knocked on the wooden door.
 “Come in.” Jane answered. 
Bob entered to see Stan, Wells, and Jane having a meeting around the eating table. Stan and Wells stood up to greet Bob.
 “Where’s Lily?”
 “She’s next door in her home. Jane answered. That reminds me I need to go and check on her anyways.”
Jane went out of the house, closing the door behind herself.
 “How’d it go Bob?”
Bob went over to the table, and sat down.
 “Well, truthfully it went both ways. I almost got killed by a large serpent, but I defeated it. Then there’s Judas, he’s shredded.” 
 “That it? What about Cain?” Stan asked.
 “Cain is still at large; he’s going to be furious when he sees the remains of Silver Ghost.”
 “”What do we do commander?”
 “I really don’t know how we prepare for such of a man as Cain, Wells. But I do know one thing, your gateman, nor watchtower guards never saw me, and I unlocked the gates myself.”
 “What do you suggest then Bob?”
 “Well Stan, Fairfax is in great danger now, so I’d say take the gateman and watchtower guards down now.”
 “What to do with them?”
 “Put them guarding the outside walls, Wells. If they don’t care about us, why should we care about them?”
 “That’s harsh Bob.”
 “Maybe so Wells, but look at Cain. He’s able to do what fifty men can by his self.”
 “I understand that Bob.”
 “Do you really Wells, well do you?”
Wells said nothing as his head fell downward.
 “I didn’t think so. Now I want you to gather up the remaining warriors, and the bandits.”
Wells walked out of the house closing the door behind him.
“What’s your figures now Bob?” Stan asked.
 “What do you mean by that?”
 “How many men do we have that can fight?”
 “Well, we have three warriors, ten bandits, and ten cubbies, including Wells and I, that’s twenty-five men.”
 “I’ll be twenty-six if needed, right”. “You just worry about Fairfax and let me worry about defeating Cain.” Bob said, getting to his feet. 
 “For now though I have to check in with Lily.” Bob said, leaving out of Stan’s house, and went to his right towards his house beside Stan’s.
Wells stopped Bob as he was opening the door. 
 “Wells, do you have all twenty-four men accounted for?”
 “No, not yet.”
 “Why not?”
 “I didn’t know that you wanted the cubbies also, and what do you need me to do until you get out here with them?”
 “Get every man in Fairfax, except for Stan. Then line them up against the southern wall, and wait for me to give the orders. Understood Major?”
 “Yes sir commander.” Wells said, pacing away.
Bob entered into his home to see Lily in her bed, and Jane at the foot, sitting. Jane got to her feet and told Lily that she’d be back in awhile. Jane shut the door behind herself.
Lily was lying in the bed when she looked up at Bob standing by the bedside.
 “What’s wrong with you Lily?”
 “I’ve been down for nearly three days now, so it’s really uncertain right now.”
Bob sat beside her as she lied in the bed.
 “Did you miss and worry about me?”
Lily cracked a smile and nodded her head yes.
 “Well Judas is dead, and Cain’s still at large. So I had Wells to gather all twenty-four men up outside.”
 “What will he do to us?”
Bob hesitated to answer.
 “He’ll destroy Fairfax and everyone here.”
 “So he’s furious and then some?”
 “Exactly, that’s why I need to go outside now, and have these men train harder than ever.”
 “Does it really matter how hard they train.” 
 “No one, or no weapons can stop Cain except for you Bob. You and you alone. If you’re here or wherever he’ll still destroy Fairfax, so when you see him it needs to be you attacking him first, don’t wait on him to destroy us all.”
Bob got to his feet, then leaned over and kissed Lily on her lips. He found his way outside to see the men lined against the southern wall. Bob paced in front of the twenty-four men to look them in their faces. When he got to the end, he turned around and paced back in front of them.
 “I don’t really know why I’m here, but I’m here. I am who I am because I traded my soul for who I am within, to Cain. Cain’s not playing anymore games when he comes, so I want you all prepared at all times. I don’t want no one staring like they’re lost, nor do I want anyone to do anything to take away their focus.”
Bob finished with that and walked towards his house where Lily was. 
 “Bob, what do you want to do now?”
Bob turned around to see Wells.
 “Like I said, I want all of those twenty-four men on guard, and prepared. Split them up into two groups, eleven men, and twelve men. Let one group guard during the day and the others at night.”
 “Yes sir, that it?”
 “As far as I know it is Wells, but keep at least ten men within the towers, and one at the main gates during the day and two at night.”
 “Is that all?”
 “I believe so Wells……….no wait. I want the place well lighted at night by fires.”
 “A fire at every tower, and at the main gate?”
 “Sounds good enough to me Wells” Now I’m going to my house to rest, and be with Lily. So if you need me, or an emergency erupts that’s where I’ll be, but don’t bother me if it isn’t involving Cain being here, understood?”
 “Yes sir Commander, you go rest up now, Fairfax will be alright so you don’t lose any sleep from worrying.”

As dusk began to settle over Fairfax, the fires were set ablaze at all five towers, and the main gates as Wells asked for. Lily and Bob laid together in their bed, and talked about his adventure to Silver Ghost. Lily had become paler than before, and much weaker. Bob rubbed on Lily’s leg as they both were naked underneath the covers. Lily only twitched as Bob really didn’t know what that meant, but he continued. As always it led to intimate pleasures for both of them.
Bob and Lily had done it three times within the night. Soon dawn would break into the darkness and light up the world.
 “Yes Lily.”
 “You know if I wasn’t already weak, I would be now.”
Bob and Lily grinned at each other.
 “You know what else Bob?”
 “What’s that Lily?”
 “Have you ever wondered about death? Where and how you want to be buried?”
 “I can’t say that I have, though I’ve come close to dying, and if I were to pass on I probably want to be buried under an oak tree by a pond beside you.”
 “How about yourself?” Lily asked.
 “I want to be put within a tightly sealed box, and put into the ocean to the east of here.”
 “It sure is pretty, but why are we talking about dying?”
 “Well Bob let me try to explain this to you the best that I can. Everyone is an image, just as myself. I talk and look the way that I do because this is how you wanted me to look and talk.”
 “Are you out of your mind Lily?” 
 “No Bob, I’m not. But I will say this to you also, very soon you’ll lose me, to death. But you must not dread to heavily or to long because of Cain’s fury. You and him will battle out a fight to death, only then if you prevail you shall return home, only then Bob.”
Lily closed her eyes, and took her last breath of air.
Bob paced the floor beside Lily’s bedside as he thought of her every word, as the world began to lighten up outside. A knock on the door made Bob lose his stride of pacing as he answered the door to see Jane, Lily’s twin sister
 “Jane, Lily’s…………….”
Bob never finished his sentence before Jane embraced him. The two wept together at Bob’s front door as the sun rose in the eastern sky. 
 “I knew that she didn’t have long Bob, I’m grateful though that you both spent one last night together.”
 “Me to Jane, I’m glad that she saw me again.”
Bob and Jane broke their hug, and went outside.
 “Where do you wish to have her buried, Bob?”
 “Why do you ask me? She was your sister.”
 “I know Bob, but she was your mate, and friend.”
 “Well, I don’t want her buried within the ground. She said that she wanted to float within the ocean in the east, there.” Bob said, pointing.
 “That’s relevant enough for me then.” Jane agreed.

All fifty-four residents of Fairfax gathered by the ocean later that evening, to put Lily to rest. Stan said a few words and everyone paid their last respects for the last time, as six of the cubbies took her body within the tightly sealed box, out to sea. Everyone went back to Fairfax, except for Bob. He stayed long within the night, as Fairfax was well lighted by fires. Bob wondered where Lily would end up, but for now he knew she was safe.

As the sun began to appear in the eastern sky, Bob awoke. He had fallen asleep on the sand of the ocean shore. Bob quickly got to his feet, and brushed himself off. He looked out at the ocean, the sunrise, and thought of Lily. Bob turned and headed for Fairfax, as he thought of Lily’s last words to him.
 “Everyone in Fairfax is an image, they look and talk because that’s how I want them to look and talk. I must not dread because of Cain’s madness, and if I shall win against him only then shall I return home.” Bob said softly, as he approached the gates of Fairfax.
Bob entered the gates to see sad faces stirring at him as he walked towards Stan’s house. He knocked and Jane opened the door to see Bob, to only let him in.
 “Where’s Stan?”
 “Wells and him went out early this morning Bob.”
 “Why?” Bob said, sitting himself around the eating table.
 “Are you hungry Bob?”
 “Yes.” Bob answered, as Jane fixed him a plate to eat.
 “Why? I asked.”
Jane began to weep as she looked at Bob, and sat the plate on the table.
 “They’re gone to Silver Ghost they said that you betrayed them, and us.”
Bob got up quickly from the table, overturning it, as his form changed. Jane backed up and stepped away slowly from him. The process was complete, as Bob looked at Jane.
 “I must go Jane, until we return you must take control of being in charge of Fairfax.”
 “I can’t Bob.”
Bob held out his hand, Jane placed hers in his, and Bob gripped it loosely. 
 “Jane, Lily was brave, so are you. You can do anything only if you set your mind to it. Now don’t never let me hear you say can’t again.” 
Jane nodded her head yes, as Bob let go of her hand, and headed for the door.
Jane stood at the doorway, to see Bob rushing out of the gates of Fairfax, and to see everyone looking at her as if they waited for a response on what to do. Bob went northward looking for Stan and Wells. Bob knew where they were heading, but was unsure if they’d make it, or survive if they met up with Cain. Bob moved swiftly within the forest as he neared lookout cliff. He looked below within the opened field to see the two men walking towards the new visible Silver Ghost. Bob yelled out, but the two walked onward. Fairfax began shaking mildly as only a few trees fell outside the walls, then the shaking got steadier and stronger. The people ran wildly seeking shelter, as trees, the outer wall fell, then the towers, and houses crumbled to the ground. People got trapped under the wall, the guards hit the ground hard as they fell within the towers, and the houses, also had people trapped within the rubble as the shaking lasted for nearly ten minutes, then moved northward. Jane was the first one to get out and stir around to see the damage of Fairfax. Others followed, others tried finding loved ones, while loved ones embraced each other, and some cried kneeling by their dead loved ones, as Fairfax was only rubble laid onto the ground. The survivors helped move the rubble in search of others, but all were dead except for the eight men, seven women, and the three headed for Silver ghost.

Bob crossed the drawbridge into Silver Ghost to see Stan and Wells facing Cain.
 “It’s me that you want Cain, let them go freely, then we’ll finish this once and for all.” Bob said, walking up behind Stan and Wells as they turned to see Bob.
 “You fool, do you believe that you can destroy me as you have the others here?”
 “I don’t know Cain, but I’ll try.”
Cain laughed briefly as Stan pulled his sword and went towards Cain. Cain put a spell on Stan that made him into a stone statue. Wells swiftly back stepped away from Cain until he bumped into Bob.
“Release him Cain, release him and take me.”

“I’ll get you in time Bob, in time.”
 “Maybe you will, but you and I know that it must happen in time Cain, but the killings must end now.”
Cain agreed as he turned Stan back to human, then the land began shaking mildly.
 “Is this your agreement Cain?”
 “I have nothing to do with this Bob.” Cain answered.
The ground started shaking worse now, as the walls of Silver Ghost began crumbling down.
 “You two go now.” Bob said

Stan and Wells ran out of Silver Ghost.

Bob looked at Cain and said nothing.
 “This isn’t any of my doings Bob it’s a quake that’s underneath us.”
The drawbridge busted, and splinted apart, as the concrete walls busted, and crumbled to the ground, which was opening up like a large and deep trench. Bob ran furiously towards the broken, splintered drawbridge as rubble still fell within the slew which Bob jumped into, which encircled Silver Ghost. Bob made it, but barely as rubble fell closing the opening to Silver Ghost. Bob seen Cain fallen within the earth and Cain yelled with agony. Bob climbed out of the water, and turned to where Silver Ghost once stood to see it crumbled to the earth. Bob turned and walked southward towards Fairfax wondering if it too had fallen victim of the quake. As Bob entered into the crumbled city of Fairfax, he noticed Stan, Wells, and Jane and fourteen others staring at him, as he looked at the rubble in dismay.
 “What’s wrong?”
 “This is all that remains, besides the newly made cemetery, and you ask such a question.”
 “How much do you really know Bob?”
 “Well John lets’ see, I came here willingly because I knew that I must destroy Judas, and Cain. I traded my soul for what I am now. And therefore I must destroy Cain before I can return to my world, my normal life again.”
 “Who’s Cain really?”
 “Cain’s my father, Jane.”
 “How will or do you destroy him?”
 “That I don’t know yet, Stan.”
 “Why do you all question me down for? I have nothing to do with Fairfax being in this shape, nor the people dead here. All I can do now is try to protect you all, all seventeen of you all. Not just one of you, but all of you.”
 “Cain’s human isn’t he?”
 “I’m sorry Stan, but no he’s not. He looks human, but his powers are beyond our imagination. No one really knows his power.” Bob stated.
 “Why are we even worried about Cain now anyhow? He was trapped within Silver Ghost when the world swallowed him.”
 “So he’s dead.”
 “Correct Stan.” Bob answered.
 “So you had nothing to do with this here, or at Silver Ghost?”
 “No, I didn’t Wells. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s begin rebuilding Fairfax.” Stan said.
 “So you all think that I contributed to this?”
 “Well after you left Bob, the ground shook, and then Fairfax became this pile of rubble.”
 “Well I understand how it may look Jane, but never would I betray you all, never I say.”

Bob stood where the land and water met from the unknown ocean. The wind blew his long, brown curly hair as he stood looking out at the ocean.
 “God knows I miss you Lily, and every day that passes I only wonder if I’ll see you again. How I long for that day if it should be. I also hope that things for you are better, than the things for me right now. God only knows what I’d give right now to only have and to hold you once more like I use to so tightly, but still I know that Cain’s still alive and that’s my priority still now.” 

“Bob, you ok?”Jane asked standing beside the bed in the southern hut.

“Lily is that you?”
 “No, it’s me Jane.”
 “I must’ve fallen asleep while I was thinking.” Bob said, getting up to his feet and brushing himself off.
 “You have to let go of Lily, Bob. It seems that after she passed on, you’ve changed and everyone sees it.”
 “How would you feel if Stan passed Jane?”
 “That’s right, you don’t know because he’s still here.”
 “No Bob, what I wanted to say is this, but you can’t tell Stan or anyone else.”
Bob looked at Jane as if he knew without her saying a word.
 “Promise me Bob that you want repeat what I’m going to say.”
 “Alright, I promise.”
 “Stan Bogart may be the king of Fairfax, but it’s you that has the courage, leadership, and the mind to keep us intact here. And I’m sorry for blaming you for the earthquake, and the other things that have happened since you arrived.”
 “That’s it?” Bob asked, as if he tried to get something more out of Jane.
 “Not really Bob, but I’m afraid to say what I want to say.”
 “Don’t you trust me, my promise that I made to you?”
 “I do Bob, but I know that it could never be.”
 “Why Jane?”
 “Because Stan always wants me around him, therefore I’ll never have time to spend with you.”
 “So what you wanted to tell me is that you want me instead of Stan?”
 “Something like that Bob, yes.”
Bob placed his hands upon Jane’s shoulders, and moved towards her lips with his.
 “Hey you two come quickly.” A voice yelled out to them on the hillside.
Bob removed his hands, the two left out of the hut and began walking side by side towards Fairfax. Bob and Jane walked into the rubble of what once was Fairfax to see Stan standing with Wells at the center of the village.
 “What’s wrong?” Bob asked quickly.
 “We’re going over the rebuilding plans for a new Fairfax. Do you have any ideas Bob?”
 “Yes I do Stan. I say that we build our walls, ten foot high again, and then build an inner wall six foot high made of sharp, angular pointed stakes. Then we’ll rebuild one watchtower center of Fairfax, and put a house of logs under it to only be used by the guards of the watch tower. Then the homes will be as that of the guards log cabin.”
 “Is that all?”
Bob pondered the question in which Stan asked for a moment.
 “Yes, that’s all.”
 “What about defense?” Wells asked.
 “Good question Wells. We have eighteen people in all excluding Stan we’ll have seventeen. So everyone here should be well trained, and everyone here is much needed until we get all the walls up, but first we need a house which will board all of us, and when we’re asleep we’ll have four guards every night.”
 “Two or four guards at a time?”
 “Four, Wells. Two males, and two females.” Bob ordered. 
Everyone pulled together as a team, and worked nearly three and a half months to rebuild Fairfax. The trees for the outer walls were laid long ways, stacked ten feet high. The inner walls stood angular at five foot high, and ten foot away from the outer walls. The watchtower stood ten foot above Fairfax, and the cabin below it was a six bedroom house which boarded six guards and their six mates. Four other homes were built by the corners of the inner walls. Everyone had mates, except for Bob who preferred to be alone within his home at the front gates of Fairfax and three others which occupied the homes in the corners .The cracks were sealed with red clay within the cabins, and lanterns were used to light them at night. Bob paced the dirt ground within his cabin, thinking about Jane’s words, then about Cain.
 “There’s no way in hell he died that easily.”
Bob laid on his bed to get himself some rest, but he only tossed and turned. A knock on the door startled him as he cautiously opened it to reveal Jane. 
 “There’s no harm here, so you can put that dagger away now.” Jane said, welcoming herself into Bob’s house.
Bob looked outside within the darkness to see if anyone may’ve seen Jane come to his house, but nothing stirred around within Fairfax. Bob closed his door, and locked it as it was before Jane came over. Then he turned down the lighting in his cabin.
 “What are you doing here?”
 “I came here to get my kiss which you offered.” Jane said, as she grinned.
 “Seriously Jane, why are you here?”
 “Bob, just relax Stan is asleep.”
 “What if he gets up?”
 “Nonsense Bob, he had too many Homeopathic Remedies to even blink.”
 “You, gave him Homeopathic Remedies?”
 “Yes, I put them in his drink at supper time, so he’s out for the night. Why are you so tensed Bob?” Jane said, holding Bob’s hand as he stood in front of her as she sat on his bed.
 “It doesn’t feel right Jane. I loved Lily, like Stan loves you.”
 “Come on now Bob can’t you be a little persuasive?” Jane said, rubbing Bob’s legs with her soft, caressing hands. Bob stepped back, and Jane stood up from the bed, and put her arms around his neck. 
 “What would happen if we get caught? What would Stan have done to us?”
 “I don’t know, but your other self could prevent it, couldn’t it?”
 “It’s not like that Jane, my other self is for defending me and others not killing the innocence.”
 “Well since you’re playing hard to get, let me get back home.” Jane said, giving Bob a peck on the check.
Jane found her way to the door, and unlocked it.
 “That’s just a start you know.” Jane said, leaving Bob’s home closing the door behind herself.

Bob rushed to the door, and opened it to see no one within the darkness outside. He shut and locked his door back. Bob left the lights down low as he once more lay on his bed and fell asleep.

Bob awoke at dawn to see a dense fog within Fairfax, and outside of the walls. The skies were pinkish which symbolized rain today; the sun was not yet visible. He blew out his lanterns, and went outside. Bob paced the grounds, and waved at the guards within the towers.
 “Homeopathic Remedies?” Bob said softly to himself, as he walked towards Stan’s home. 
As he started to knock Jane opened the door.
 “How’s Stan this morning?”
 “He’s alright I presume, why do you ask?”
 “I was just wondering because you said that you gave him Homeopathic Remedies.”
 “Homeopathic Remedies?”
 “Are you alright this morning Bob?”
 “You’re serious, you don’t remember coming to my cabin last night?”
 “No, I don’t remember because if I did I do believe that I would have Bob, trust me.”
 “Do you sleepwalk any?”
 “Why no, Stan would’ve awakened because I sleep by the wall and in order for me to get up, I would have to crawl over him.”
 “May I see Stan then?”
 “Sure go in.” Jane said, without hesitation.
Bob knocked on the door and entered Stan’s cabin to see him dressing.
 “Good morning Stan.”
 “Morning to you also, you’re up early.”
 “I’m always up early or at least I try to be.” Bob responded.
 “So what do you need?”
 “I was just roaming, so I figured I’d stop in. Bob said, turning towards the cabins door.”
 “Are you alright Bob?”
 “Yes why do you ask?”
 “Just being friendly, I suppose. Because I know lately you’ve been through a lot.”
 “Well, thanks for asking Stan.” Bob said, leaving out of the cabin. 
Bob walked out of the front gates of Fairfax, and headed up the hillside to the hut which the portal had brought him to from his world to here. Bob opened the door, and saw no portal. He then knew that either Cain was still alive, or the portal was elsewhere. Bob sat on the bed which was on the western side of the hut, and looked out the window on the eastern side. Jane walked in to see Bob sitting on the bed staring out of the window.
“Bob!” Bob jumped from being startled by Jane calling out his name. Bob stood up from the bed and faced Jane at the doorway.
 “How’d you know where I was?”
 “Well I went down to the ocean first, and I found no fresh tracks so I then figured that you’d be searching for the portal to take you back home.” 
 “How’d you know?”
 “Well, I remember you saying that after Cain’s death that the portal will open back to lead you home, but I see no portal here.” 
 “Maybe it’s elsewhere.” 
 “Or maybe it’s that Cain’s not dead yet.”
 “That’s a possibility to Jane, but he hasn’t been seen nor heard from in nearly four months now, why?”
 “How am I to know?”
 “I don’t know Jane why I asked you that.”
Jane walked over to Bob, and stood facing him.
 “Bob, this morning. Those questions you’d asked me, what brought them up?”
 “Last night Jane, you were in my cabin. You wanted love, but I refused you, and your body. I asked about Stan, and you told me that he was no concern because you had given him Homeopathic Remedies. But after awhile you left my cabin, and when I looked out my door there was no one around.”
 “You sure that wasn’t a dream you had Bob?”
 “No, it was too realistic to be a dream Jane.”
 “I don’t know then Bob. If it wasn’t a dream from what was said and nearly done by the ocean, then I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”
 “Well then when did Stan go to sleep?”
 “It was late into the night.” 
 “I am trying to recall the timeframe. Well then what time did you two eat last night?”
 “About two hours before dusk.”
“If you supposedly give someone Homeopathic Remedies, depending on how many, and the dosage, it shouldn’t take long for them to kick in.” 
 “I need to go and talk to Stan.” Bob said, rushing out of the hut and towards Fairfax.

Bob met Stan coming out of his doorway.
 “Stan when did eat last night?”
 “Do what Bob?”
 “Please answer me.”
 “Well let’s see……………about two hours before dusk.”
 “What time did you go to sleep? To bed or sleep?”
 “Jane and I went to bed late last night. Why?”
 “One more question, then I’ll explain myself. Did Jane leave last night?”
 “No. Why do you ask?”
 “Alright then Stan, but you have to believe me when I tell you this.”
 “Cain, made himself look like Lily, but betrayed Jane.”
 “Do what, I, along with everyone else thought that you said that Cain was dead?”
 “Cain was here last night in my cabin, and I believe he’ll be back again.”
 “But why is he acting like Jane?”
 “I don’t know Stan.”
 “Are you sure Bob?”
 “Stan, I loved Lily, not Jane. So don’t assume that I do, our problem isn’t Jane, but an imposter of Jane which is Cain.”
 “What do we need to do?”
 “Be prepared for tonight, Stan. That’s all we can do for now.”
All eighteen people of Fairfax gathered at the base of the watchtower as Stan explained what Bob had encountered, and they made plans on attacking the imposturous Jane which, Bob felt would come again tonight. As the day progressed, daily life was still normal even though everyone knew of Cain’s presence the night before. Everyone had taken it serious, but as dusk came closer that’s when everyone became more prepared, more afraid, skittish, and alert. Bob was unsure if his other self was still within him, for he hadn’t been needed for months now. And if it was still there, would he be ready for a battle, with such of a being as Cain? Only time would tell now. As the sun began settling in the western sky, everyone in Fairfax went into their cabins, and locked the doors, and lit their lanterns as darkness spread throughout the land. Bob lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling, and occasionally at the front door of his cabin. The watchman in the tower looked around, and occasionally down at Bob’s cabin, as night carried on. A cloud of dense fog rolled into Fairfax, and at the base of the watchtower Cain formed from the fog, as some fog still remained. Cain tried the watchmen’s cabin door to find it locked, so he formed back into fog, entered through the window and formed back into a human, himself when he was inside of the cabin. The lanterns went out, as he walked by them. Cain killed the eight, four men and four women, with their own weapons, which included bow guns, spears, and swords. He turned back into fog and left out through the window in which he’d entered and drifted away. Dawn was beginning to break over Fairfax, as Bob was out pacing around as he’d done every morning.
 “Hey Bob, Bob!” One of the guardsmen yelled to him below.
 “Can you wake the others below, it’s their time to watch now?”
Bob, headed for the cabin, and tried the door to find it locked. Bob pounded at it several times, before kicking it in. He entered to see the eight dead bodies covered in their own blood within their beds.

The eight bodies were buried in the Fairfax cemetery along with the other forty-one which the quake had claimed the lives of months before now, making the total of forty-nine gravesites, not including the others in which Cain had attacked the first time, shortly after Bob’s arrival when Bogart had died. The sun was now noon high, as the eight people left in Fairfax met in Stan’s home, planning their move, and strategies.
 “Did anyone of you see anything not right, or out of place last night?” Bob asked.
 “Fog!” The four guardsmen answered.
 “Fog?” Stan asked, looking at Bob for an explanation.
 “How do I know, I was in my cabin. I don’t know how he appears or disappears.”
 “Well what do we know then?”
 “I say that we all sleep in one cabin, he’s only toying with us, slimming us down, one by one.” Bob replied.
 “What cabin?”
 “The only one with enough beds Stan”
 “Everyone agree?” Stan asked.
All eight had agreed and went out to begin the cleaning process of the cabin below the watchtower.

Bob paced around in Fairfax, before heading out of the gates going eastward down towards the ocean. Jane watched him walk out of the gates, so she looked around to find Stan’s whereabouts. She seen him busy talking to Wells at their cabin so she took the opportunity and followed Bob without being seen. Bob had stopped and hid within some brush off of the trail which led down to the ocean, within the forest. Jane walked cautiously, and past Bob, looking for him. Bob got back onto the trail and carefully walked up on Jane from behind. He put his hand over her mouth so that she wouldn’t scream aloud, and twisted her around with his left hand so that she now faced him. Bob put his right index finger to his lips, then put her right hand in his and led her off the trail, into the forest to a clear opening.
 “Do you still feel the way that you did at the ocean?”
 “Bob, I can’t change my feelings, they grow stronger, and deeper every time that I see or get around you.”
 “Well since I kept my promise, now you keep yours. You still want to do this, don’t you?”
 “Yes Bob, I do.”
Bob pulled Jane closer to him and kissed her without interruption, and he undressed her. Jane got onto the ground, as Bob undressed himself and joined her on the ground. Bob caressed her body and then got into his position to give Jane the pleasure for which she had longed for from him until dusk had began to fall over them. One by one they entered back into Fairfax, Bob being the last. Darkness had fallen over the land as the first quarter moon hung in the eastern sky. The two male watchmen were in the tower above, as the other six picked them out a room which they’d sleep for the night. Stan, Wells, Bob, and Jane stayed up talking inside, as the small patch of dense fog came rolling in from the south, along with thirty servants following towards Fairfax. Jane could hardly keep her eyes off of Bob as he’d catch her from time to time looking at him, but he’d only grin in return. Stan and Wells never noticed it, not even for a second. The fog lifted up into the watchtower, where Cain formed, behind the two male guards. Cain grabbed them from behind, and threw them over the side of the tower. As they began to yell Cain sewed their lips with leather treads with his magical powers and their limp bodies landed on the sharp pointed, angular stakes below of the six foot wall. Cain transformed back into the fog and headed downward to the front gates of Fairfax, where he once again changed and unlocked the gates for his servants. Cain led the way towards the cabin and knocked on the door, startling the four at the table. Wells got up, and grabbed his bow-gun which he also cocked, then walked towards the door. Stan, Bob, and Jane also had their bow-guns ready as Wells slung open the door to reveal Cain, and his servants. Cain entered into the cabin as the three still held their bow guns on him. Wells came from behind the door which Cain entered with his bow gun at Cain’s back.
 “Please put those foolish weapons away.” Cain said, standing in his long black trench coat which drug the ground, with his pale flesh, his eyes were sunken within his head, and his black hair was combed back, yet when he talked his yellowish, rotten teeth showed.
“What do you want Cain?” Bob asked.
 “I want the bat dagger which is in your possession Bob.” 
“You’ve got to take it from me then if you want it.”
 “Don’t make me take it from you Bob.” Cain said, going for him.
Wells fired a bolt into Cain’s back, and quickly reloaded his bow gun. Cain pulled the bolt from his pale flesh, and turned towards Wells. 
 “I do believe this is yours.” Cain said, throwing the bolt at Wells. 
The bolt penetrated Wells in his left eye, and exited the back of his skull and stuck in the wall, as Wells body limply fell to the floor. Cain turned back to Bob.
 “Now give me the dagger.”
 “Stan, you’ve got to make me mad’’
 “How do I do that?”
 “Try anything.” Bob said, charging at Cain.
Cain backhanded him knocking him into the log wall. Jane ran over to aid Bob, and Cain followed her, picking her up by the hair of her head. 
“Let her go you son of a bitch.” Stan said, shooting a bolt into Cain’s bicep of his right arm, forcing him to drop Jane.
 Cain pulled the bolt from his arm, and threw it down on the dirt floor and went after Stan. 
“Bob please get up; we need you more than ever.” Jane pleaded.
 Bob moaned, and shook his head. 
“What happened?” 
“We don’t have time to explain.” Jane insisted. “Cain’s after Stan come on and get up.” 
Bob got to his feet, to only be knocked down again by Cain, as he grabbed Jane once again, this time by her throat. 
“Bob, get up please.” Jane begged, as Cain tightened his grip.
The other two women that was asleep now clawed , and fought at Cain single handedly until he let Jane loose, but Cain was too much as he grabbed the two women one by one by the throats, to only rip them out, their bodies fell onto the dirt floor, with blood pouring out as they gasped for air.

Stan shot another bolt into Cain’s flesh as he again had Jane, and as before he dropped her on the dirt as he attempted to pull the bolt from his flesh Stan stuck a spear in his back and broke it off in Cain, then used the broken piece to stick him again as his body fell next to Jane’s as she gasped for air at Bob’s feet. Stan helped her up and carried her outside of the cabin, then he returned to get Bob, but as he walked into the cabin a bolt went into his chest knocking him back out the door. Cain went over and grabbed Bob up, then pulled the dagger from its sheath. Cain put it to Bob’s throat as he awoke. 
“My son, consider our contract void. I’ll always have your mortal soul, dead or alive. Now you’re useless and unfit for nothing.” Cain said. 
Bob tightened his fist and the knives appeared by his side. 
“Well since our contract is void that makes me independent and my mortal soul is mine now right, therefore I couldn’t beat you with what you once gave and made me into but now I can.” 
Cain looked confused as Bob stabbed the knives into Cain’s ribcages. Cain dropped the dagger from Bob’s throat and released him. Bob pulled the knives from his ribcages and Cain fell to his knees. 
“You should have killed me before voiding the contract because I’ve been this person all along. But you wanted to think that you gave me such powers, but honestly you made me discover my inner-self. That’s why mother was always running because she knew also, but she didn’t want me to know either. But you wanted me for the powers that I obtain. So now let me show to you why mother didn’t want me around you, and another thing if anything’s void it’s you.” Bob said, cutting Cain’s head off. 
“That’s for all the pain and sorrow you’ve caused me. Just because you voided a contract that was never a done deal doesn’t mean that I would not have realized how to use my powers. I couldn’t use my powers without your manipulation.” Bob said, walking towards the cabin’s doorway to see thirty servants transforming with life again.
Bob had settled down as the knives were put away, as he checked on Stan outside. 
“You alright my friend?” 
“I believe that I’ll make it.” 
“Good let’s get you to your cabin, and bandage you up.” 
Bob helped Stan up, and use him as a prop as they headed for Stan’s cabin. 
“Where’s Jane?” 
“She’s here.” 
Bob opened the door, and helped Stan to the bed. 
“Jane, you here?” 
“It’s only Stan and I.” 
Jane came from under the bed where she was hiding. She first hugged Bob, then Stan. Bob took off Stan’s shirt, and looked at the wound. 
“Stan, I’m going to pull the bolt out, and then I’ll pack it with some rags, and bandage it up.” 
Stan agreed. 
“Alright here I go.” Bob said to give Stan a notice. 
Bob finished shortly after he had started. 
“That wasn’t too bad now was it?” 
Stan nodded his head as he laid in the bed, falling asleep leaving Bob and Jane alone once more.

As dawn broke the new day Bob got out of bed and dressed himself. Jane stared at him as he opened up the cabins door and looked outside to see that it was raining. 
“Well maybe today’s the day.” 
“The day for what Bob?” 
“Where I finally get to go home.” Bob said, as he sat on the bed and looked at Jane. 
“You know Jane, when I came here I was on the beach, and I was fifteen. Now I wonder when I go back, how old will I be?” 
“You’re only fifteen?” 
“There I was, here I don’t know Jane, because now that my mother’s gone, I have no one. And when I return, I want know my age, or anything else.” 
“Well why want you stay here?” 
“I guess because now it’s my time to run, run from what, I don’t know, but who I am now is who I’ll always be no matter if I’m here, there, or wherever. I’m going to go and check on Stan, alright. And that’s another reason that I can’t stay, because you’re his lady, and I don’t think he’ll like it to good if you leave him for me.” 
“But we can start over elsewhere.” 
“And leave him here by himself, along with the thirty servants that got their lives back?” 
“Get dressed I’ll be back in a minute.” 
Jane got dressed and was going towards the door when it swung opened. 
“What’s wrong?” 
Bob just shook his head in disbelief. 
“Stan didn’t make it through the night, now if I leave that’ll leave you here alone.” 
“Remember what Lily told you? About all of us are imagery, you make us talk and look how you want us to?” 
“Yes, so?” 
“So when you go, I’ll go my way then, just as all the rest have done before me.” “Well I need to go and see if the portal has opened yet then.” Bob said, going out the door once again.
Jane paced the dirt floor, waiting for Bob to return, wondering how, and what she’d do here by her lonesome self. Bob slung opened the door with a smile upon his face.
“It must be there?” 
“How’d you know?” 
“With a smile like that, how wouldn’t I know?” 
“I don’t know how long I’ve got before it closes you know, so if we’re going to bury the bodies we better start on it.” 
“I’ll get them.” Jane said, teary eyed. 
“Jane I must return, please understand that.” 
“I do Bob, but right when my fantasy started coming true something as this, has to happen.” 
Bob walked over to Jane and hugged her tightly. 
“I want nor will I ever forget you Jane. And thanks for all that you never really had to be, but you were.” 
Jane just nodded her head. 
“You better get going you know.” 
“I know Jane, but it’s not that easy just to walk away sometimes, but you’re right I must be going now.” Bob said, releasing her, kissing her lips once more. 
“Maybe someday we’ll meet up again.” Jane said. 
“Who knows what may happen?” Bob said, as he grinned and went towards the door. 
He opened it, and looked back towards Jane. 
“They need your guidance as I’ve given mine.” 
” Who?” 
“Those thirty lively people that were once servants.” 
Bob ran out of Fairfax and up the hillside to the lonely cabin. He stopped at the door, and looked back to see Jane at the gates of Fairfax waving. Bob entered the bluish, spinning portal that was taking him back home. The sound of seagulls, and crashing waves had awakened Bob as he lay on the sand. He squint his eyes until they got adjusted to the bright sunlight, only for him to see that he was back on Tybee Island, Georgia. He got to his feet and brushed himself free of the sand. People were on the beach, and in the ocean, but no one seemed to even notice Bob, as he looked lost. He decided to go and check the motel room which he and his mother June occupied to see if she was there or not. As he walked up towards the motels in the hot sand, in his swimming shorts, Bob passed a girl that looked like Jane to him, so he turned around to ask the girl her name. 
“Excuse me, excuse me.” Bob said, as the girl was getting into the water. 
“Yes.” The girl said. 
“I couldn’t help but to notice you because coincidental you look like someone I know, or once knew.” 
“Who might that be?” 
“Her name was Jane Meads.” 
“I’m sorry but my name’s Erin.” 
“I’m sorry for disturbing you then.” 
“That’s alright.” Erin said, diving into the water.
Bob knocked on the door of the motel room which he and June once stayed, just to see if his mother was still here or really dead, but if so where would she be buried so that he could pay his last respects, he thought knocking at the door again. As Bob turned to walk away, he saw Erin facing him in the hallway. 
“This must be a small place because haven’t we already met before?” Bob asked.
“Do you know someone in that room?” 
“I use to.” Bob said, walking away, down the stairs, through the lobby, and out in the street. 
Bob felt lost, and afraid for the first time now since crossing back over from wherever, he was before. He didn’t know his age, what year it was or what time it was.
“Bob, Bob Robertson!” A voice called from behind him.
Bob turned quickly to see Erin in her neon green two piece swimsuit. 
“How’d you know my name?” Bob demanded to know.
“Not here come with me.”
Bob followed her to his old room, and went in closing the door behind them.
First of all let me apologize for lying to you. My name isn’t Erin, but it’s Jane.”
“Jane Meads?” 
“Yes Bob, it’s me.”
“Why did you lie for?” 
“I knew that you’d want to find things out, so I stayed away for a bit, until I seen that you wasn’t getting anywhere quick. Bob its 2003, you’re 20 years old, and your mother, June left you a quarter of a million dollars at the CA&B Bank down on 3rd Ave. And that morning at Fairfax, I came through the portal to help research for you after you had crossed over yourself. And your mother did pass, she’s at the Old Country Cemetery down on 5th St. I didn’t want to side track you like I said that’s why I lied about my name.” 
Bob walked over to Jane and embraced her tightly.
“Can we still be, and have what we had back in Fairfax Bob?”
“I don’t see why we can’t Jane you’re the only person I know here.”
“Same here.”
“But I’d like to buy a home, get married, and maybe have a family someday. And I want to pay my respects to my mother, but for now I just want to cherish this moment.”
“Me to Bob.” Jane said, grinning.

The wind blew from the ocean with whispers, as he shut his weary eyes.


So this chronicle ends. It being strictly the history of a boy, it must stop here. He could not go much further without becoming the history of a man. When one writes about grown people, they know exactly where to stop — — that is, with a marriage; but when he writes of juveniles, he must stop where he best can.

For most of the characters that perform in the ending of this story still live, prosper, and are happy. Someday it may be a good idea to take up this story again just to see what………..turned out to be; therefore, now it’ll be best not to reveal any of that part of their lives at this time.


Ernest Roberson Sr.
was born in Glenwood, Georgia and has lived most of his life
there. He and his wife, Angie, have five children, David,
Ernest Jr., Aaron, Christina, and Jersey. His stories are or will be in Blood Moon Rising
“Children of the Grave” issue #59, published Jan 2015, 
“The Body Snatcher” issue #60 published Apr. 2015 
“From the Scarecrow’s Eyes” issue #61published July 2015. 
“Have Yourself a Merry Little Death”, issue #62 published Oct. 2015 
‘Close Your Eyes For Me” issue #63 published Jan. 2016
“Sanitarium” issue #64 April published 2016
“As The Rocking Chair Rocks” issue #65 published July 2016
“Silent Witness” issue #66 published Oct.2016
“Raged” issue #67 published Jan. 2017

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