just that all the big opportunities have already been grabbed
The Next Great Platform is the One That We Already Have
Josh Elman

All the obvious opportunities have indeed been grabbed but the not so obvious/complex to execute are waiting to be realized. Mobile is just a channel like watch or tablet which helps us reach more people then before. As more people realize they can do more on their devices than share cat photos the power of what we can do with a device on-the-go and in context will change our lives further than we can imagine today.

For example; I’d love to see the spreadsheet evolved into mobile form where the shell looks nothing like a spreadsheet in a smaller window. I don’t mean a dashboard of numbers but an actual pleasurable experience end-to-end that works as well offline as online and is supported by intelligence to automate the meh pieces of my workflow. This could really be applied to any industry. There are ample opportunities and those that experience the pain and understand technology will be leading it. Until then yap, too many cat apps ;-)

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