Should She Have Sounded The Alarm To Warn of a Pending Attack?

For almost twenty years, I had a friend with whom I was close. She often wrote down her dreams. Sometimes it was for reference, sometimes it was just because they intrigued her. But on December 28, 2000, she had a dream that seemed entirely unusual, as most dreams tend to be, yet turned out to be something else.

When she told me about the dream, she said she was so horrified that it disturbed her for days after. She sort of blocked it out for a while. Weeks or months even. …

Shane Dawson’s Apology Shows Why “I’m Sorry” Isn’t Enough

Fellow White people, can we talk for a minute? It’s about race. I know, I know, it’s uncomfortable. Some of you are even thinking, “Why can’t Black people just get over it already? Slavery is over. I’m tired of all the negativity.” We need to go deeper than that, although when you’re barely touching the surface of the water, a fucking raindrop is deeper.

YouTuber and thin-guy wannabe (yeah, I said it, I’m fat so shut it) Shane Dawson recently made an apology video. It was another in a long line of videos he’s prepared to apologize for things he…

The world gave up on the King of Pop, but did he give up on us first?


In May 2002, journalist (I use the term with little weight) Martin Bashir and his film crew were allowed to follow Michael Jackson for a few months in anticipation of an in-depth story. What followed was Bashir’s sensationalized Living with Michael Jackson. This radicalized documentary showed the King of Pop holding hands with a twelve-year-old boy, as well as talking about sharing a bed with the child. Jackson stated he saw nothing wrong with sharing a bed with someone and that it was an act of love and kindness. Others didn’t see it that way. The documentary raised the ire…

Quality of quantity remains the debate among Prince fans

Since Prince’s passing in 2016, the estate has released a slew of albums and singles (many on color or black 7" vinyl), videos, clothing, guitars, item replicas and books (including his autobiography). Yet some Prince fans see it as not enough. Prince fans know there are thousands of songs in the vault. Fans want to hear all the music, and right fucking now. The mere logistics of that make it impossible. But the fan’s need is counter-weighted against the efforts of the Prince estate.

After Prince’s death, the courts got involved. One thing that the court-ordered was that the estate…

The youngest Jackson sibling, the biggest star: Janet turns 54 today

Follow the passion that’s within you, living the truth will set you free

I know, I know. Michael had the biggest selling album, sold-out stadiums, and had crowds of fans. No one here is ever going to deny Mike his credits. But I’m here to talk about Janet Damita Jo Jackson.

In Touré’s book, When Doves Cry: How Prince Became An Icon, the author speaks about Prince being a baby boomer. It’s a term one wouldn’t associate with Prince, necessarily. Boomers like Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson share magic in that they were born on the far end of the…

Madonna revolutionized the art of upsetting heteronormative ideology and abolishing the gender binary

Madonna and Tony Ward in “Justify My Love”

“Poor is the man whose pleasures depends on the permission of another.”

Nobody knew the level of attention a simple music video would garner in November 1990. Madonna had a pretty good idea her black and white video for “Justify My Love” wouldn’t go unnoticed.

The video’s content raised the eyebrows of the press, religious organizations, and soccer moms. Teenage boys and girls, alike, found their hormone levels increased as they quietly realized their sexuality. We saw Madonna making out with men, women, and those in-between while other people watched. It was voyeuristic and titillating. Madonna romps through the song…

Prince’s Around The World In A Day Is 35 Years Old

Cassette artwork cover for Around The World In A Day (1985)

After Prince and the Revolution concluded the exhaustive Purple Rain Tour, Prince was already looking toward his next project. Not completing it, but releasing it, because it was completed. Most of the songs from the Purple Rain follow up had been recorded during the same sessions as Purple Rain as well as during the tour itself.

The Purple Rain Tour traveled from November 4, 1984, until April 7, 1985. It served ninety-eight shows and sold over $1.7M tickets. The setlist rarely changed, although the piano segment highlighted different songs. …

Every Prince fan is not the best Prince fan

Hello. Ernest here. Prince fan since 1979. I heard “Soft and Wet” way after the fact, but found “I Wanna Be Your Lover” on radio and K-Tel’s Soundwaves compilation. I bought the latter because of Lipps, Inc.’s “Funkytown” and “Upside Down” by Diana Ross as track 2 and 1 respectively. Prince was tucked into side A on the record. He confused and intrigued me.

My journey through Princedom isn’t much different than any other fan’s journey. We all have our “first time” for anything. We collect records, the 12” singles, the videos, the merchandise. We fawn over his outfits, lust…

Without Proper Guideline Adherence, Christianity Could Kill Everyone

When Donald Trump decided to run for President as a Republican, Christians seemed to flock to him. His no-holds-barred approach seemed to appeal to the masses who carried bibles and guns in tandem. Many, not all, of those types of born again Republicans, were also openly embracing their white supremacy and racism with Trump in the running. When he won the electoral college (but lost the popular vote by millions), white supremacist groups came out of their dark holes and celebrated. Trump didn’t even turn away a sideways endorsement from white nationalist David Duke. …

A historic filter offers a shocking view of how the U.S. is handling Covid-19

Disclaimer: I’m not here to dictate the specifics of Covid-19. The number of new cases and deaths change by the minute. If you wish to find exact numbers and current updates, go to the Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization.

In 1918, an Influenza epidemic broke out in the United States. The flu infected 500,000,000 people. To put that in perspective, it was about twenty-five percent of the world’s population. Today, the United States population is about 365,000,000, which means that the influenza epidemic would have wiped out the whole of the United States population (including Puerto…


You think you’re special? Well, so do I.

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