So, who’s at fault then?

Who’s at fault for our damning relationship?



Truth be told, we’re both at fault.

We’re both at fault for the sinking of our relationship.

We made no efforts whatsoever to make things right

It’s like we knew that this is going to end soon

And there’s nothing we can do other than leave.

But instead, we chose to enjoy it.

Enjoying every last moment of it. Savoring them.

Dancing, in a room that’s going to burn down.

And that,

Made us the victims as well.

Instead of leaving, or fixing it, we chose to stay,

Enjoying every last minute of it until it went down.

We were the victim of our own innocence,

Of our ignorance,

And of everything it was.

Nothing’s going to change the fact that,

we, fell in to the same hole, together, willingly.





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