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Another great write-up Natasha. The one thing that I would add is that the judge did note that tribal attorneys would be privy to the shielding information as their lawsuit proceeds. It is not uncommon for the government to shield information about risks and monitoring systems when it comes to infrastructre. Such information can be useful to terrorists and other disgruntled people as they seek to hit the most vulnerable areas. That being said, I am personally against the pipeline and feel the Standing Rock Sioux’s concern deserve to be heard. They have very valid concerns. The troubling thing here is that this administration has hobbled the very organization that is charged with hearing the Sioux and forcing Energy Transfer Partners to put the people and the environment before profits. I also suspect there is conflict of interest here. Something that needs to be investigated further. At the very least, the environmental damage claims of the Sioux should be investigated and the pipeline construction should remain halted until these issues have been properly dealt with. I think there is enough public concern here to warrant a continued hold. I very much like that you include references to your source material. Keep up the great work.

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