My Brother Is A Trump Supporter
Matt Johnson

So, what you’re saying is that your brother is one of the ‘deplorables’ labelled by that woman Clinton as she spread her message of hatred for hard-working Americans. The woman, whose heroes are drug-addled, sex-addicted, drunkards from Hollywood, who threatened violence against the President from the off.
Your brother is one of the ‘unintelligent Trumpards’ continually demonised by tv and media print agencies on the left. One of the men abused by one commentator after another on the fake and disgusting file of abusive talking heads on CNN/MSNBC/Washington Post/New York Times. 
Your brother may even have been a target for the disgraced FBI/DOJ/CIA which colluded with the Russians through the woman Clinton’s DNC. 
No, I’d say your brother is a true American.