Fair Representation Act would be “the most comprehensive approach to changing how we elect Congress…

I am an Englishman, living in the UK, with my heart and soul in America. I would if that dream of citizenship came true, vote for President Trump. So, after reading your article, this particular section made an impact.
Last year, only 40 of the 435 House elections were considered “competitive,” because most districts were so gerrymandered that either a Republican or Democrat was virtually guaranteed to win in November. Accordingly, the only truly competitive aspect of the election was the party primary, which incentivizes the candidates further towards the left wing of the Democrats or the right wing of their Republicans, in order to win over their ideological base.

I would offer that every commentator, every reporter and probably every executive at CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and New York Times would disagree with that statement because none of them thought the President would win.

Candidate Hilary Clinton wouldn’t agree because she didn’t feel it was necessary to visit Wisconsin and other industrial states because they were already tied in.

I understand that she would have won the popular vote…because she won the states with the largest populations…those states do not necessarily mirror the United States of America.

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