Mass Shootings in America, and Why Men (and Boys) Keep Doing This
Charlie Hoehn

Yes! I started reading this with the pre-conceived idea that it was going to be -another anti-gun, left-wing scream against gun ownership. How wrong I was.
Let me explain, I am an Englishman, living in the UK with my heart and soul in the USA. I would have voted for President Trump.
I read the article and almost stood up, on its completion, and applauded.

Your arguments and your conclusions struck a chord with me as a single man in his late sixties, single, with three daughters having issues and economic pressures, I can see how these factors could colour my actions at any particular time.
The reasons I feel I do not go off the rails are these:
1. I am British. We grew up with an island attitude, where we looked after each other in troubled times. I grew up surrounded by my grandmother, aunts and uncles, cousins and school friends.
2. As you implied, we were encouraged to ‘go outside and play’, often until late at night.
3. We were punished when we crossed over the lines set by our elders.
I have my own views on why American males are susceptible to these actions based on very little research.
1. The American pioneer is deep-rooted in the American psyche. The American male had to rely on his own wits.
2. I have been told that many American males grow up in homes where there was only one parent (usually female) or in a home with a violent father or one who has other concerns. This situation is close to the family a teenager I know is growing up in at the moment. His father has been involved in scouting all his life…and spent many holidays away from the family. His father and mother then broke up meaning he moved away from his friends.
His father re-married a woman with two sons already, this meant another move…and into a house where he is often ignored. I have worries about the young man, especially when I read his poetry.
3. America ‘celebrates’ anyone who can make the news, lead social media and become talked about across one of the largest countries on Earth. It has become obvious that one way to do that is to become a mass-shooter.

No research…no proof this piece is relevant…just written in response to a brilliant article.

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