“It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated…”

Please don’t play me off

Ernio Hernandez
Oct 16, 2017 · 2 min read
photo by Adam Jang

With incredible pride and humility, I share the good news that something I wrote is nominated for the 2017 Audio Verse Awards. My audio play The Last Call earned 10(!) nominations.

Blood Heart — the song that inspired the play—took a nod in the Music category. I wrote lyrics and put them in the capable hands of my longtime friend and constant collaborator Michael Aquino. He wrote the music for (and performed) the song that plays a pivotal role in the audio fiction.

Aquino’s performance as The Last Call’s central character Ahote Black earned him an Actor nomination. His work on the production was also noted in the Engineering category. (In total, he received 10 nods for his work with Cocotazo Audio Theatre’s 2017 season.)

The talented voice cast of The Last Call are also featured among the Actor and Actress nominees: Marilyn Ricco as Mayorca, Christine Mariani as Nema, Gus Ibranyi as Sky, Lou Ricco as Tate and Michael Traynor as Micah Taymor.

The remaining nominations for The Last Call were for Writing (::humble look to camera::) and the audio drama itself under Production.

If you like it, please vote here:

(use password: pancakes)

Though scary and very new to me, I loved writing this and was excited every step of the way. I am extremely proud of all the work put in by others, friends and strangers, to make this collaboration come to life. Thank you to Michael, Dania, everyone involved and (of course!) the listeners and readers.

Ernio Hernandez

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