I don’t see anyone that is not my wife five days a week.
The Perils of Being Self-Employed and Working from Home
Nate Otto

Such a Portrait You Paint, My Fellow Artist

Add a 2 year old (change art to writing) and you have my life, Nate.

My “workstation” today. #athome #dad

I could Highlight this entire post. All of it is completely relatable and identifiable:

  • lack of socialization and what it does to you (our poor wives)
  • the blurred lines of work and not-work
  • the self-doubt and others’ doubt
  • the pitfalls of accessible food and entertainment
  • the reluctance towards simple tasks

Thanks for so succinctly putting down all of these feelings into one post and sharing.

Good luck with that boss,

See you on Instagram, my friend. (I’m including this link below, cause it took me way too long to find it and I think people more should be following your work.)

Let’s get on Instagram integration, Medium!