First learnings after beta launch

We published #spentapp beta three weeks ago. It’s very interesting and exciting to hear feedback from the early adaptors. People like our concept, that’s amazing! We couldn’t be more thrilled about it. As expected, there are things we need to adjust to make user experience more intuitive. Here are some of the first findings.

  1. Sign Up
    We looked at our sign up data and noticed that bounce rate was too high. Reason turned out to be human error as we had “login” button instead of “sign up” button. Mistakes do happen. It’s fixed now and it turned out to be beautiful. Download the app and give it a try.
  1. Bank login
    Key feature of Spent App is easier way to manage your expenses. That is done by swiping card transaction data by swiping left as “personal” and swiping right as “business”. In order to do this, we need you to link your bank account to our app. We see from our data that more than 50% of users did this so it’s pretty good. We’re making it more intuitive now to get the number even higher so you can expect more intuitive UI coming in the next two weeks.
  2. Card linking
    Our tagline is: Track spending, manage expenses and earn cashback. In order to track cashback from your card swipes, we need your card number. As expected, lot of people give us their card number, it’s way more higher number than bank login. By the way, it’s as safe as you’d login to your bank normally–we don’t run login on our server or store your credentials and we only get read-only data. Feedback we get tells us that bank login and card linking should be one seamless flow. We’re on it!
  3. Expense folders
    When you swipe expenses from your time to folders that’s all you have to do. No need to create expense reports. This is new to people. It’s almost too easy. Once users understand this, they love it. No more expense reports. Create folder for client, trip or any reason you might think of and add approver for your folder, simple as that. We created short tutorial video to showcase how to add folders, take a look.
  4. Cashback
    This is the most exciting part of SPENT. You get cashback on all of your expenses; car rental (3%), hotels (6%), flights (2%) and we are adding more content in the upcoming weeks. We also noticed that we need to make our cashback page UI more intuitive and that will be our second release in August. You will see quickly how to book travel, how much cashback you’re getting and what is your current cashback activity. We added all content to our app and website — over 905,000 hotels worldwide. Take a look at and compare prices. Remember that you’ll get 6% money back. After you book your travel, we’ll send you an email how to claim your money. I’m going to Helsinki in August — booked my hotel and flights using Spent and I got $20 cashback and receipts went to bookkeeping. I love it!

That’s it for now, keep on “spenting” with us.


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