I have been trying, doing and building all kinds of things all my life. From sports to building products and companies. Something unusual happened about six years ago that opened my eyes and got me thinking. What happened?

My colleague at the time made me watch Simon Sinek’s video: “How great leaders inspire actionwhich talked something very interesting things. Not about “how” or not about “what”, but why others are different and better.

Simon Sinek talks about why is Apple so innovative? Why the Wright brothers figured out controlled powered man flight? Or why Martin Luther King became the icon he did. They all think, act and communicate the exact same way and it’s totally opposite to others.

After seeing this video my thinking changed. I have been inspired to focus on this “why” ever since. Why do you go for lunch? Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you go to gym and so on. Once you get it, you realise the “why” is all over your daily decisions.

Why should you use the app we are building now?

SPENT. Peace of mind on your expenses. Why did I start this company? Why should you use this product? Why should you switch from some other product to our product?

Why did I start building this product?

At the time (2014) I was always stressed knowing that my company expenses were not done and receipts were missing. This was bothering me all the time and took focus out of my work. My accountant always reminded me about it and made me even feel worse. I took a tour on the internet trying to find a product to solve this problem but I wasn’t happy with any of the products I found. So I got obsessed in building one!


We say: “Expenses made simple with cash back.” Should someone use our product to make cash back? I don’t think so. Cash back is just one feature of our product. It’s the “what” just like our other features. Or how do you use our product? Mobile — is that the “why” you’d use our product. No, it’s not. Is it because our product cost less money than other products? No. Is it because we have more or better features than others? No.

It’s peace of mind — that’s why!

Just like me, almost everyone else is stressed about their expenses. They hate expenses! So let’s turn it around — get people to love expenses. Take all the stress out and let people focus on what they do best. Their work.

Our mission is to get PEACE OF MIND for you on your expenses; to be able to say “All is settled.” That’s WHY we think you should use our product! I made a SHORT PRESENTATION to open it up–to answer the big question–by telling couple of user stories.

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