If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Thanks for your excellent piece.

Even if only 20–30% of Trump voters are so disenfranchised by a Trump impeachment that they exit the game of America altogether, the results aren’t just devastating, they’re terminal. What happens if farmers (who we can assume via the above maps are almost entirely Trump supporters) keep their crops for themselves? What happens if the rural people doing the few blue collar jobs that still remain — e.g. truckers and longshoremen — stop working? Or begin self-sabotaging? Not only won’t they vote, they’ll find ways to boycott the entities that they view as part of the establishment. They’ll hole up in the bunkers they’ve already been building for for years.

I’m afraid I would take the conclusion further —Trump’s supporters are overwhelmingly armed, and if Trump is impeached they would not just strike and boycott, they could start a civil war.