Climate change news coverage is predominantly doom & gloom and finger-pointing. Real progress towards decarbonisation is being made: we need to widely share and celebrate it! This will create positive reinforcement and help us shift the debate from fear, confusion, and apathy to understanding, possibility, and action.

“They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it” — Mark Twain

Did you know that:

Isn’t it crazy, in an age of abundant contextual data and AI breakthroughs, that we all use the same user interfaces?

I don’t mean personalised content — there is plenty of that going on in the form of ads, commerce, video recommendations — I mean that everyone using a given app on a given platform has the same UI to achieve things in that app, and that UI does not adapt to cater to your personal context.

For example, your iOS experience looks and feels exactly the same in terms of as mine if we’re both using the same version…

I recently devoured Albert Wenger’s book World After Capital. It left a big impression on me which I wanted to write a bit in the hope that people will pick it up and we can discuss it :)

The first thing that piqued my interest is that Albert decided to publish the book for free online using Gitbook, which means the book is “live” — it accepts contributions from the public, can be iterated on post publishing, and has a full audit trail for all to see in a public Github repository. …

Everything, everywhere, will soon be continuously recorded and uploaded to the internet. This will start with dense, urban areas, but over time every single square meter of every part of the globe will be recorded. Advances in computer vision & AI mean this data will be usable at scale, which will revolutionise advertising, law enforcement, and bring us back to a pre-privacy world.

(and yes, you guessed it, the movie to pair this post with is Minority Report)

Photo Courtesy of Tesla

Video Everywhere

Here is where we are today:

  • Satellites & Drones record videos of anywhere on earth. This is what enables for instance Terra…

Most founders and companies subscribe to the Wayne Gretsky school of business: they skate to where the puck is inevitably going. Rare are those who figure out where the puck should be in the future, and shoot it in this direction through unchartered terrain. Elon Musk and a few others do this.

(There will be no more hockey metaphors or nods to Canada in this article.)

Photo courtesy of

Over the holidays I finally got around to reading Ashlee Vance’s excellent biography of Elon Musk.

The book goes through a lot of interesting details about Elon’s story — his character, his difficult childhood…

This is the story of a stupid decision. Not a life changing stupid decision — it’s about phones — but still…

In mid-September 2014 when the iPhone 6 came out, I replaced my trusty Nexus 4 with a shiny iPhone 6, and I’ve been regretting switching to an iOS phone ever since.

I’ve had this ‘iOS annoyances’ evernote since then, logging annoying stuff, and I feel like the aggregate pain caused by iOS has grown enough for me to write this rant now. People kept telling me “you’re just adapting”, “you’ll get used to it” — I haven’t.

First of all, the reasons I switched to the iPhone:

  1. I spend…

France’s policies towards the technology industry are facepalm-worthy 

Foreword: I’m no expert, I’m just a French guy in London who’s baffled at some of the things the government back home is doing and wanted to share them with people who don’t follow French politics. Views are my own.

The French government’s reaction to disruptive technologies is becoming increasingly depressing to watch.

You may have heard of the latest ridiculous law: to protect the interests of traditional taxis, operators which offer pre-booking taxi services will not be allowed to pick up a passenger less than 15 minutes after the taxi was ordered. The law has been passed and will…

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