A number of weeks ago I wrote an article on how you could go about discovering your value proposition, but what exactly does “value” mean to the customer and what can you do with this knowledge?

At every business’s core you will find that it is almost exclusively concerned with the communication and delivery of value to a specific customer. Who this customer is and how valuable they think a particular business is depend on a wide variety of factors, but luckily there are some key principles in how customers define value that are common in the majority of cases.

Imagine a world where no one specialised in anything. Where you couldn’t go to a specific store or a specific brand when you needed sports shoes. No options for running, cross-fit, football or tennis, and no difference between shoes for the young, old, male or female. Imagine needing to go on a date, but restaurants all served the same food at the same price and you had no way to match what you needed to what was available. This would be a world without value propositions.

As a customer, a world like this would be impossible to navigate. You would…

Ernst Gouws

At the intersection where tech crosses strategy. Global head of business development for a tech firm in a couple of countries.

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