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Hey Jason,

What do you think of the idea that Tyrion abandons Dany for love of his “brother” Jaime (“brother” because I believe Tyrion is the 3rd dragon head, son of the Mad King and Joanna)?

I think this is possible due to the conversation the two have in Tyrion’s dungeon in 4.4 before Jaime ultimately springs him from his trap.

“Are you really asking if I killed your son?”

“Are you really asking if I’d kill my brother?

I don’t believe either man is capable or willing of killing the other. In 5.8 when Dany and Tyrion talk for the first time 1 on 1, Tyrion talks about Jaime as one of two people he trusts in this world. He doesn’t want him dead, he wants him alive. Even when Jaime speaks about splitting Tyrion in 2 (making him the quarter-man), I don’t think he means that. He’ll have to choose between his little brother and his queen-sister-lover, and if you believe in him as the valonqar you must believe he will choose Tyrion over Cersei.

Speaking of betrayal, what about Bronn not being Jaime’s right hand man and switching to Tyrion’s side?

Quote from Bronn in 4.7: “If anyone ever asked me to sell you out, you’d double their price”

Tyrion can actually go through with this arrangement now. Bronn, presumably, hasn’t received a thing from Jaime other than admiration and getting laid in 6.10. Tyrion and the Targaryens can give Bronn what he wants: a castle, wife, his own wine (perhaps called the Imp’s Delight?), money, sons, and a boring death. (hopefully near Casterly Rock where Tyrion might/probably will become Warden of the West soon).

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