The Caden

We, were in west Africa Ghana, we had just landed we had to bring 510 slaves to Europe. At first I didn’t feel bad because the King of the slaves was really rude with them.WE were outside of the boat, we had arrived at Guinea, from there we had been walking for days and days and days.We were 14 slave traders, Dallas, Julian, Leyton, Edgar, Marvin, Maverick, Rickie, Leyton, Jasper, Shad, Hamza, Yael, Markus, and finally me Zuri sionan.When we were walking back to the boat with all the slaves it was really difficult to keep 510 slaves alive, many of the died of hunger and dizziness.Some slave traders killed, abuse and hurted other slaves, one mom was horribly flogged from trying to stop the death of her baby who was crying and got killed because of a newborn disease you could hear the screen which sounded as it was coming from 2 kids screaming,I run and find a thing that looks like a pool of blood and 2 bodies in the floor, a mother crying, when she moves one of the kids there bones were seen and there eyes were close.Night came I was in my dent and currently something came to my head, what if i was that mother, what if i was one of those kids who died, what if I was a slave.I grabbed a bag of fishes it looks as if it had 200 or so fishes on it, as fast as I can I also grabbed some lentils that had cooked for me 1 hour ago.I go outside of my dent and spot eyes that were looking at me, they were scared feel it.

‘’Kujna sanyi ne? I said, which meant here you go this is food.

There was an awkward silent.I went inside of the dent and grabbed the 1 fish that I was get a eat knowing that there was another baby left.

‘’Here you go it’s food.I said one more time.

‘’Na gode The tall women replied

‘’You are welcomed.’’ I replied one more time.

‘’Menne sunansa ya ce mutum’’ The tall women whisper looking at me.

‘’My names is Zuri Sinanan’’ I whisper back at her, putting my face down and with that i left with embarrassment in my face.

Embarrassment came to my face because I worked in that ship.It did not make sense that I was helping slaves but at the same time bringing them closer the there own death.

The next day we found the boat, that ship that I hated that boat name Caden, that ship that smelled like blood, feces, and no more than dead people.I felt like the ship was evil, it hated me and I hated him.For me that ship meant dead, destruction, and bad smell.When we got to the boat we had to find a way to fit all 250 slaves in the deck of the boat, one on top of each other like dead cut meat who’s been traveled from one place to another, only that these are human beans they have life.No more people died, I brought cooked food to the slaves every single night so they were well fitted and so they would not died of hunger and dizziness.I would also put more buckets on the deck of the boat so they will not lost the fight.

The last month, on the boat after like 6 to 7 months, I was tired, disgusted and more much words that will not be appropriate to say or write. One day as usual I came out at night to give food to the slaves, I heard words of mercy, and screaming,crying. When I got close to it, I saw a slave getting flogged I dropped the food and the water and ran, I saw markus Rene. I pushed him out of the way and tell him to stop what’s he’s doing…..I knew I was in trouble, I knew I was going to get thrown off board after this, but it did not matter I was tired of seeing all blood of seeing dead people.

‘’Why are you doing this to him!’’I yelled at him

‘’God wants me to do it.’’He whisper back at me, with a smily face

‘’I bet you don’t know what god means.’’ I whisper back at him.

‘’Would you like to be a slave Zuri! ’He yells, and I can see him getting red.

‘’Try and make me one.’’I say,noticing that am mad and sick of all of their cruelty.

I pulled a knife out of my pocket and stabbed him, right in the heart, i felt something hot running throw me the first time i had kill, i felt bad but i knew i had to do it to protect others from something bad. I grab the bloody dead body and take it down, to the deck.

‘’Now let’s see how it feels to stay dead down here for months and months until there is nothing left of your body.” I whisper to the dead man

‘’Abin da mutum ya mutu!’’ Screamed a little boy

“We have to fight take over the ship.” I whisper as I see my voice spreading.

´´Yi yaki ku kashe duk mutanen nan.´´ I whisper while hearing my words spreading in the dark, cold, smelly room.

´´I know you guys can fight i know you guys are strong i’ve been doing my best to try and keep all of you alive food, water, blankets so you guys wouldn’t be cold.

The all stand and put there hands on there chest, I knew that this meant that they were get a fight until the death, which made me think that maybe we were all minutes away from it.I telled them my plan they all seen to be atting and atting to it, i tell them that if we take the boat back to Africa that they will all escape death, i was get a escape it they were all get a be safe again.

I start by taking all the sick people out of the deck and without making noise taking them to my room i lock the door from the outside and make them hide under my bed they were squid but they all can open a space to get some air.

We start fighting 2 Africans have died and 5 white mans had died, after a while 8 Africans die and all white men are dead except the captain which can´t be found at any place.

Finally I hear the words………

´´Can I join this party.´´Said the captain with an evil voice.

´´I don’t know can you.´´I respond back at the voice with fury and anger in my tone.

´´You´ve betrayed me Zuri.´´Said the voice in a whisper.´´

´´You’ve betrayed yourself.´´ I scream with more anger than i had ever felt in my life.

I hear a loud BoooooooM! And i know the captain of the Caden i dead, i feel his blood running thru my forehead, cold like ice.

I hear all the Africans celebrating and i feel the boat moving to the opposite side of where we were going.That’s when i knew I had just save lives and i wanted to save some more, I felt happy and excited to see who else i could save.

I knew that no one, no one single person is good to be another´s master.