In our world premiere, Katie Dill, Director of Experience Design at Airbnb, channels her inner “Steve Jobs” to explain how design at Airbnb is not just how it looks, but how it works, both in the workplace and on the screen.

Some of the major themes

Rebranding Airbnb — Launching rebrands is hard. So what was it like the morning after Airbnb launched theirs? Katie walks us through the process used and how the design team was prepared for the world’s reception.

Value of storytelling — Storytelling is a vital piece of the puzzle, according to Dill. It not only helps designers paint…

A few months ago, Bobby Ghoshal and I announced our project for the design community. We wanted to sit down with 25 design leaders to bring clarity to how they approach, communicate, and deploy design within their businesses.

Since then, we’ve selected our 25 guests, asked the community for filming help, found the best filming studio, traveled the country, and partnered with the best sponsors (Squarespace, InVision, and IBM).

Just Getting Started

Next Monday, Feb 13th, we’ll release Episode 1 with Katie Dill (Airbnb)! We’re BEYOND excited to show you all what we’ve been working (HARD) on for the past few months.

Check out some quick previews of our conversation with Katie below.

Preview 1 — The role that elevated the perception of design at Airbnb
How Airbnb thinks about the implications of its UX in the real world
How Katie Dill explains the role of design to non-designers

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The post office makes me nervous. When I’m there, I often feel embarrassed because I have no idea of what I’m doing. It’s lead to me hating boxes, packaging, and shipping.

However, when I’m in the line, I see people come and leave out of frustration. Either the line was too long, they forgot something at home, or they simply changed their mind. So when the postal clerk puts the stamp on my box, hands me a receipt and wishes me a good day, I get an instant sense of gratification. I accomplished something those folks couldn’t. …

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