Donald Trump vs. The Future: Open Immigration, Spirituality and Space Colonization

(This is more true now than when I first wrote it, before Trump had won any primaries.)

Two paths lie before you. Your choice will decide the future of the entire human race.

No pressure.

You gonna blow this? Or are you going to dig in, show some grit, and do what’s necessary for countless generations after to herald this as a dramatic turning point for all of history to marvel at?

Two simple choices:

CHOICE 1: His Royal Majesty Donald Trump VII

Here we are given a recycled feudal society. The brochure looks amazing… if only the pictures were of your actual future.

A new global elite, fueled by increasing economic inequality and emergence of the world’s first trillionares, will lord over the ever-growing peasantry made larger by the collapse of the remaining middle classes.

Brochure for Trump’s future. Look nice? That’s not where you’ll be staying rat-peddler.

Ignorance, desperation and crushing poverty for the majority. An Elysium utopia for the rest.

We’ve all seen the movies. I think we know how this plays out. Enjoy your future career pushing a rat-poo cream cart.

Hollywood makes everything pretty. It will be worse than this.

In this future humanity is chained to a singular planet. Fractured, split, we wait to see if the human race survives the third world war.

Now, you may think Donald Trump is a crazy, self-serving, megalomaniac — of course you don’t support his future!

You would be wrong.

There is one little area you might not completely disagree with ‘The Donald’ and… it makes all the difference.

It’s not a U.S. issue. It’s a world issue. No matter where you live, without being fully aware of it, you may have chosen the path above for all of us.

Thanks. (Note the sarcasm, and be sure to catch up on all the Mad Max movies, ie. documentaries of your future life.)

Here’s a survival tip if you take us down this path: canned dog food is the prime ration of the descended future. Stock up!

Okay, if this future bums you out, let’s not leave it there. There’s another choice…

CHOICE 2: The Dawn of Humanity as an Interplanetary Space-Faring Civilization

The future of a connected, collective human race.

We spread throughout the solar system. With habitats on the moon and Mars, multiple colonization space stations spread through the solar system, humanity enters a golden age. An interplanetary civilization.

Easily within reach, if we can overcome social barriers.

We’ve seen these movies too. Things are all-around pretty good. (Nothing’s 100% people, but you can safely sell off your canned dog food.)

A small, but significant, step. Finally moving beyond a single planet.

Seems like an obvious choice doesn’t it?

So why, oh why, are so many people choosing option 1?!

What separates these futures? To heed the Donald’s cry and banish humanity into 1,000 years of darkness (being generous there) … or raise up a torch and light the dawn of a new age?

OPEN IMMIGRATION: The Social Shift to an Interplanetary Civilization

What would make someone despise what they believe Trump stands for, yet support his march into the dark ages?

It’s hidden. Like a Trojan horse virus, presenting itself as one thing, while it contains the poison to kill us all.

It’s the debate on immigration.

The same debate happening all over the world, in every country, in varying degrees of rhetoric.

We follow the story, and the plot is laws, legality, borders, native entitlement, nationalism — blah blah blah.

Forget the picture on the cover — open the book.

The story is about the connected bond between all humans. How we view each other. Our desire to work together, or hold each other down, choking in the mud.

It’s about the possibilities we see in the future — is Earth the final destination, or just the start?

In Trumps future nations become crystallized, at a time when they should be fading into history. This story arc of immigration mentally fortifies the concept of countries and borders in our minds.

It tells us: Invisible lines drawn on a map in the past, should not only be ideological containers, but real ones as physical walls are built. Real walls.

As in, medieval survival strategy. And it’s not a Monty Python sketch.

Rehashing ideas from the middle ages — very forward-thinking. Sadly, it’s not a comedy sketch.

Do we have so much to fear?

What actions will we commit in the name of conquering that fear? Letting that emotion take the lead has produced some ugly results in our history.

Are we so eager to lock ourselves in? Have we lost sight of what lies beyond the horizon?

Our ancestors could roam wherever they had the courage, vision and desire to do so. Meanwhile, we are increasingly contained like animals in a stockyard. Branded and locked by our place of birth, as restrictive and damaging as the old social castes of India.

Longitude and latitude determine your future. Your social mobility. Your options. How far you may walk upon the Earth. Call it citizenship if you like, it’s medieval.

The physical limitation of immigration, not being able to live, work or travel where you choose, is not the worst of it. What prevents us from growing into an interplanetary civilization is empathic separation.

Trumps rhetoric, and those who fear open immigration, spill the poison of nationalism. Exploited for personal reasons or not, the outcome is just as toxic.

How long do we have to repeat this?

Past usefulness aside, nationalism is a disease. It has no place in a truly global society.

As the debate rhetoric rages, fanning flames of keeping ‘them’ out, we’re one epidemic away from a fanatical, global lock-down. If a disease breaks out, then it’s not only economic insecurity of letting people in who will take jobs, but spread sickness.

That’s why it’s important to choose our direction now, before fear takes over and makes the choice for us.

SPIRITUALITY: Choosing a Connected Future

The deciding factor in the future is simple: unity or division?

Do you belong to a country, or to the whole human race?

The international flag of planet Earth.

Those who resist immigration, who want to build walls (physical or legal) and keep ‘the others’ out, give both their freedom and power, to the future of Trump.

You may not see it now, but small changes compounded over time create huge impacts. A seed seems small until, in time, it becomes a giant redwood.

This is a call to the spiritual. The empaths, the intuitives, those who sense a unifying connection throughout the universe.

More than most, this is your choice to make.

In the human family those most connected are needed to see the fractures emerging and declare a course correction.

Why the spiritual? Let’s face it, religion carries its own divisive identity as bad, if not worse, than nationalism.

This change requires people to see beyond their own immediate need. For the bond between each other to be greater than a mental exercise, or something you think is social good.

It needs to be real.

When you meditate, at some point you begin to sense an underlying connection to all things. At first it’s faint. Possibly more conceived in the intellect than felt.

Spiritual people often talk about a unifying field and the oneness of all things… but do they mean it? Do you mean it?

Here’s the test…

Do you believe in open immigration? That anyone should be able to live, work, and enjoy life anywhere they choose?

Do you believe in the dissolution of nations to merge into a single, planetary system?

Or do you resist the idea? Impulsively wanting to keep your immediate world as it is, without change.

Happily content with your birthright that everyone should stay, “in their station”, like a good caste system…

The more you meditate, feelings of separation begin to dissolve.

You no longer think everything is connected, you feel it. It becomes tangible. Real.

How do you think about the billions of individual lifeforms that make up your body? They are crawling and moving even now… can you feel them all? Squiggling through your eyes, swimming through your veins, marching across your skin.

Or do you feel like one thing?

How do you suppose the planet would feel life within it… using our perspective? Or the universe?

When we think separate, we act according to that separation.

But, what if we didn’t think separate? What if we dissolve boundaries? What if we evolve this ‘nation’-thing into members of a single Earth?

How would that change our global perspective?

As the internet has removed many cultural borders and boundaries, imagine what removing actual borders would do.

Picture the future. Earth in harmony, and everyone working towards a unified cause. Technology, quality of life, and economy all humming along in a singular, planetary collective.

Tell the cynic to shut it for a minute. Don’t listen to the voice that says this is an overly naive, idealistic vision of an impossible future that could never happen.

It’s the power of small changes. It doesn’t happen right away and can be hard to see at first.

I know this future is possible.

I have seen it.

I’ve seen the skylines of entire cities transform in a few short years with technology and structures I never imagined.

I’ve watched it spread over the entire globe. Felt the collective force of humanity change into a hymn of unity and cooperation.

I have seen the skyline of the first settlement on Mars.

In my lifetime. In your lifetime. It is possible.

But here’s the rub… we have a choice. We always have a choice.

The future isn’t set. It exists in probabilities based on variables. The more we feed certain variables, the future shifts in that direction.

Seeing a future, any future — yours, someone else’s, the world’s — isn’t a set outcome.

It’s one potential outcome with a lower or higher probability depending on what variables are already set in motion. But regardless of however great or small it exists — there is always a chance to change the variables.

Rather than thinking of all the ‘realistic’ reasons why open immigration couldn’t work… think of how it could.

What does it look like? How does it function?

What if you needed to catch a shuttle to the Moon, but it’s on the other side of the planet right now. You could zip over to the eastern hemisphere which is rotating closer to the moon and catch a space elevator.

Do you have to get visas? Do you need to go through customs? You’re going to head into outer space, are you still dealing with stamping passports?

Now, ask yourself, how would the world get there? What steps need to take place, in order for a unified planet to become a reality?

It doesn’t happen by itself. At some point, we have to change.

Ideally not out of fear, or a worldwide cataclysm, but out of the desire for what we can become.

We often ask ourselves, as individual’s, “What is my purpose? Why am I here?

Now ask yourself, as you have no doubt asked of your own life: what is the purpose of the human race? Of our collective life.

Why are we, all of us who have ever lived and will ever be born in the future… here?

If there is power in a single person living a life burning with the fire of purpose, what possibilities are created from an entire species raging with unified vision and the desire to see it fulfilled?

As a species, we could conquer the limitations of space and time in 30 years. We could traverse the solar system with humans living all throughout it!

We could bend time allowing communication and passage into the future and through the past. Even across the membranes of the multiverse.

Is that the destiny humanity was born for, or at least the beginning?

Why does it seem like fantasy or science-fiction? What prevents us?

Our vision is narrow. Few can even imagine a world without the boundaries or barriers of countries. Even those who dream of sci-fi civilizations… are you willing to erase the walls?

We can’t imagine a single government of Earth, where individuals have total freedom as equal members of this planet, without the caste system of where in longitude and latitude you were born.

Open immigration triggers fear. Competition.

It can trigger economic insecurity in those living in advantageous countries, and hopes of opportunity to those living in countries whose development has lagged behind.

The current debate.

If you think you have economic security due to your geographic location, and you hope to cling to it by blocking immigration, you’ve already lost the future.

You sold it out. Gave up your freedom, and that of your children, out of fear.

It’s over. That time is done. Even if it hangs on 10 more years… that’s nothing.

There isn’t a single profession that won’t be changed by the continuing digital evolution. Not lawyers, not doctors, teachers, construction workers or police. It doesn’t matter.

If we won’t open the physical world, have no doubt, a virtual reality will emerge without borders. It’s not far off.

Don’t want to change reality? A new one is coming.

Unless we impose archaic beliefs into this new technical dimension it will either destroy what remains of any geographic advantage, or force aggressive action by those driven to maintain their position in physical reality, and trap us in the past.

Open immigration is the first step in global unification.

Take a step back and consider this view: What do you suspect will happen when we openly exchange with intelligent alien life? Will the plod of dirt you sit on grant any economic advantage in an intergalactic society?

Even what very, very, very little we know of the universe as a whole… you don’t truly imagine we’re alone, do you?

Putting all evidence that such contact has already occurred aside, assume such an encounter has yet to take place.

Carving up so small a speck as a single planet, filled with certainty about our place in the cosmos and how very much we know about it all… seems very similar to the Taino people.

Never heard of the Taino? They once populated the Caribbean, fighting with other tribes over the small island groups as if it were all the land in the world… no doubt equally certain about their place in the cosmos.

That is, until one Christopher Columbus came across a vast ocean, from an enormously larger land, far more developed technologically than their own.. and landed on their shores.

It isn’t meant to inspire fear of intelligent life. I don’t imagine it going down like that.

It is an illustration of the sheer stupidity of not only building walls, but maintaining individual countries, in so big a space.

Can you imagine an army sitting on top of even a 900 foot fence, with little pellet shooters to keep all those “other” people out, when a fleet emerges over the planet that just traversed millions of light years?

And you built a wall because you were worried about 600 miles? And you fought for your national identity because it covered 3.8 million square miles (the size of the U.S.), of a single planet, in a single solar system over 7 billion miles?

It’s not only stupid, but unimaginably arrogant and short sighted. Our destiny is far beyond any wall. But we won’t get there if we continue to dream so small.

Imagine the human race, far in the future.

When we are traveling through the stars, colonizing other planets, will we do this as separate countries? Or companies? Will China, Russia, SpaceX and the US be drawing lines carving up Mars?

Or, like the international space station, we will develop through collective effort and cooperation? Which would give us the greatest pool of resources to accomplish what seems unfathomable at this moment?

Do you believe you’ll have the freedom to travel to the Moon, when so many people are restricted from even leaving their country and traveling to other parts of the world?

If you can’t see and act in the name of unity, despite all the words that come out of your mouth about everything being connected — it’s lost. Game. Set. Trump.

It’s future 1 for all of us.

But if you can dream, if you can raise your head to the horizon, and look just a little farther in time without fear… you’ll see it. All of this.

Everything we know now, can change at such remarkable speed, it will eclipse every previous moment in human history.

It’s hard finding images of a better future. It can be better.

But is even that the end, or merely the beginning? Don’t you suspect that even so grand a step, is merely preparation?

Trumpeting the march of humankind across the universe is a fine start. But, as someone who has seen more than my capacity to understand, there is a greater future still.

What if, in the pursuit of overcoming the vast distances of external space, humankind stumbles into an even greater space. A discovery that confirms what every ancient yogi, persistent practitioner of meditation or episode of Dr. Who has ever said…

it’s bigger on the inside.

Far greater a distance than any telescope can see, or any theory can calculate, exists in this inner dimension.

That is when humanity enters our golden age. Not from the marvels of technological advancements, or our collective embrace as a species.

But from the first step into a new frontier of exploration.

That is where we discover our greatest wonders, that ushers in a future, unlike any we have dreamed.

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