A letter to my neighbour.

Hi neighbour,

So I am not great at maths (I am really good at maths) but I think you owe me one smack.

I want it here at my place. You will come inside and put your stuff down and ready yourself to submit. I will have you turn around in front of my mirror and put your arms behind your back. Your elbows will be bent so they point up behind you and your hands hang down. I am going to loop a scarf around both your elbows and have you will lean forward to the mirror.

So you don’t over balance you will have to lean onto my thigh and I will lean back holding the scarf with one hand like a trapeze artist. When we reach a balance point I will pause. You will be against the mirror then, and see me behind you, in control. I am going to tell you I am ready to spank you. You will say, ‘Yes please’, but I will wait, and savour the anticipation. The two smacks on your bum will come in quick succession and sting. You will feel my hand smooth over the pain comfortingly. There will be a pause, and then you will hear yourself say, ‘Again.’