Hold Fast

Carel Weight (1962)

my life a desert and I drink perfume to slake my thirst

Obsession, Eternity, Égoïste, Escape, Envy

My stupidity is saddening. I mistake the sensation of falling with change.

I think I’m a miraculous metamorphosis

not a common bungee jump.

I am a citizen of dystopia.

I contribute to the sacrament of unease.

Smiling nervously. Recognizing anything but that which lies in my grasp, the very thing I can offer to the least of us. That which I can also take from the most.

I’m tired of making choices. Tell me what I am.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

I dream of uncharted landscapes, so we all

my map unfolds most when I am least assured of good weather

once there were explorers and now we call them refugees

and none of us can ever be assured of good weather again

hold fast darling girl, hold fast.

tomorrow I think we’ll be happy

I’m getting better at forgetting to remember

there’s a muscle in my neck that only can be released by thinking

I breathe in. I am not separate from the problem. There is no need to worry.

I am the problem.