I start by feeling your pulse

how you naturally vibrate

your temperature, what color is your mood-ring

it just takes a kiss

there isn’t a color that isn’t beautiful, interesting

you can be dark or light, surprising or comfortable

you don’t have to be familiar to me, and if you are

I’m going to “eat” you differently this time

you don’t need to feel like a girl right now, or a woman or whatever they call you

if you’re somehow unexpectadly repulsed I will so briefly hold that repulsion, bow to it and give you space, and thank you as I am an honored guest to you.

I will know that you, like me are just a moment in time

we’re an eternally concealing orgasm

a microcosmic big bang perpetual

ravenous and still

destructive and creative

wholly human

holy human

but God lets fuck

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