My penis feels lengthened after we’ve had sex. It has an extra stretch and release. Its like a well-worn skier having coco by the fire after a long day at the slopes, turtleneck huddled high(or low in this case,) eye glazed over watching the fire. Could you get me one more cup muffy?

I sent her a naked picture of me, torso down to the knees, I shaded it so my body hair looks a little menacing and wolf-like.

She came to me. Her desire. Her wanting. It wasn’t about how she’d been insecure about her weight and how she looked and feeling “desirable,” she focused the eye outward — the female gaze. On me.

She came almost instantly. Then it only took her a dozen or so more slow thrusts with her on top for her to come again. I put her on her back and went at her rapid, gently feeling my foreskin peeled back by her lips with ever quick but light thrusts. She came again — her face released joyfully.

I came on-top and in her mouth, I could feel the breath work I’d been doing, visualizing breathing into my tail-bone working — there was more sensation, I was receiving as well as giving. I was opening.

So I like to be pursued. Maybe it just takes a little practice to learn how to do so.