There’s Something in the Heart

Konstantin Somov

There’s something in the heart that summons

A secret warning

Time and all its little ghosts

Rounding midnight with a rush of twilight

Tipping the glass & careening care

Placing him or her on a bed to recline

And turning their key

There’s something in the heart that whispers

A damaged promise

A delicate river bridge, like memory

Waving and wandering while we cross

Fanning us as we burn with the understanding

That we are left behind by forever

Grasping at that butterfly

There’s something in the heart that condemns

A kindly notice

A wiser note

A deep bass strum on your fallen grace

Mapped out in slow caresses

Hounded by an unhealthy desire

To defeat their present gaze

There’s something in the heart that resurrects

Holds wisdom ransom

And misdirects us all into temptation

As the future pounds its hooves on that stable door

As the forge becomes a graced cathedral

And the sparks the stars that stain the glass

Letting all come to pass

There’s something in every heart, oil and water

Turgid pride and shame it’s daughter

The love, the rain and the waiting leopard

Madly in love with all her mistakes

Making tracks through fearful suspirations

With the victor may you march

Truth is danger met without trepidation