There’s Something You Should Know About Desire

Max Klinger

There’s something you should know about desire, that its an echo of a love long forgot.

That sin that you hide, the excess that divides you like Dr. and Hyde is not the monster or devil you thought.

You can obsess for a thrashing, or a public sodomizing, or to be felt up by the wrong kind of guy,

but its the love you forgot, the faint and the fair, the most delicate of dreams that is speaking as you orgasmically cry.

That wetness or stiffness that stretches your limits, that transports you into the incomprehensible urge to be done,

is seeking to understand with you, a greater task, a finer frosting, a melody that collides with the sun.

So don’t quiet the wisdom, the philosopher and poet as you push into her softness and liquid blossom alight,

nor stop the rationalizing, the feminism and politicizing as you suck him with too much delight.

There’s some men, and some women and some in between them as well, but eternally we are all just pleasure and pain,

we’re remembering ourselves as we forget in the instant and lift and push and pull and groan again and again!

So hear the call, however faint it may be, as you seek seek seek with those tongues and that plump turgid rose,

echo the notes in your moans and your loves, in your sweets and the spankings and kinks that you chose