Diana Wayvern Claudius x Prompto Argentum. A Final Fantasy XV drabble dump. Rated T.

That night, Diana crawled her way back into the bed, exhausted after a long day. It’s been almost six months after the war, but there were always things she had to do back in the crown city of Insomnia. The one-week celebration for Noct’s marriage had just finished today, and Diana hadn’t been home for almost two weeks if she counted the preparations before the marriage: contacting influential world leaders, convincing King Regis his son would be alright, coordinating with Ignis and Gladio, helping Luna fitting her wedding gown and also dealing with Prompto and his lazy ass. Diana was happy that Rembrandt was more than willing to lend her a hand — Rembrandt has a special touch that makes everything comes together really well, as seen in the harmony of black, blue and white in the decor. The bride and the groom insisted on having black decoration for the interior and Diana spent her energy arguing with Luna not to have her wedding gown dyed in black as well before King Regis stepped in to stop the argument between the two ladies and told Luna to wear a white wedding gown, period.

Dressed in her sleeping dress, Diana climbed to the bed to find Prompto was already there, laying on his back, still communicating with their friends back in the capital. After the war, Prompto proposed to her and their marriage was held three months before the royal marriage — Diana had to say she was surprised when Prompto proposed to her but she was filled with an overflowing happiness when she said she would marry him. Indeed, fate brought them together in the most unexpected of the ways.

“It’s late, put your phone away already!” Prompto, distracted then looked at her, his fizzling blue eyes were glittering under the dim light of their bedroom. “Took you long enough. How are you feeling?” he asked as he shifted his position and he put his phone away. Diana snuggled closer to him, their faces were no more than an inch.

“Very tired,” she replied. “I feel like I could sleep for a whole week.”

Prompto laughed before he slung his arms around her neck, bringing her close to him. “That’s bad. That means I’m not gonna eat for a week, and I have to go to Noct to ask for food.” With that, he pinched her nose and Diana squeaked before she laughed as well, relieving herself of the stress that had built up past these hectic weeks.

The two were quiet for a while. After discussing things with Rembrandt, the three came to an agreement that the two would settle in her house, in much quieter Vallis Acerba — far from the crowds and the noisy city life. Rembrandt himself moved to Achillea’s apartment and he had told Diana in two years or so he would propose to her, telling his sister that he had found a precious soul to protect, someone he would gladly trade his life with and she was happy for him. Rem had never been the most social and jovial person out there, and when he had decided that someone was precious to him, he meant it with his heart.

Prompto noticed his wife was deep in thought and then gently poked her cheek. “What are you thinking of?”

Diana noticed the simple silver wedding ring on his finger, reminding her of her own. She then stared at Prompto in his eyes; the electric, fizzling blue eyes that had never failed to captivate her. His eyes were windows to his soul, his intense emotions, however, all of his intense emotions cascaded down to a mellow, humble and kind soul Prompto Argentum really is.

Diana knew that Prompto had been insecure even since their younger days; his background and his mellow upbringing were one of the main reasons. Prompto wasn’t simply any fugitive, he was a fugitive on the run from Niflheim, his life wanted because he escaped when he was trained by General Glauca to be the best sniper alive to swiftly put an end to the Lucis bloodline. Prompto was just a mere twelve years old boy when he escaped the borders of Niflheim to enter Lucis through Nihilsomno. Fending for himself, he was almost killed by a behemoth when he was crossing the plains that led to Duscae. It was not until he met Noctis that his life took a turn. That was the reason Prompto really wished he could be some use for Noct, not thinking twice when he jumped into the fray.

But when he loves, he loves as fierce as he fights.

At times, she was taken aback and shaken by the intensity of his emotions. His emotions didn’t die down in a short time, and Diana was scared by it, the intensity that dwelled within his eyes. But as they grew and became closer, the burning intensity cascaded down, leaving gentler but still heavily packed emotions as he laughed or as they cuddled together.

“It’s…nothing,” Diana finally answered Prompto’s question as he took her hands and clasped them gently. His hands were firm, with a share of callousness she didn’t find in Noctis, but not as callous as Gladio’s. “It’s just…I’m still feeling like I’m between the clouds.”

Three months. It felt so short, so ephemeral, and paradoxically, felt like forever.

“Well, we’ve still got a long way ahead of us,” Prompto answered her gently. “And for the long run, I’m glad it’s you.”

“Me too,” Diana replied, burying her face in the nape of his neck. “I’m glad it’s you.”

Prompto laughed again, this time much softer. The silence sank in, and Diana became steadily tired, her eyes became steadily droopy. Five minutes later, the sorceress had already sound asleep. Prompto didn’t notice until her weight shifted forward and her soft hair fell on his skin. Prompto usually is the smaller spoon, but since they married Prompto preferred to be the bigger spoon —having her inside his arms brought him a sense of safety and love he didn’t find for almost half of his life.

“Good night,” Prompto softly bid her a goodnight and placed a soft kiss on her forehead before falling asleep as well.