Liquid Extractors and their Significance in the Industry

Liquid extractor is one of the most used equipment in the industry and is quite in demand these days. Owing to its demands, various industrialists and manufactures from the market have come up for its production and are taking extensive measures to provide companies with quality extractors in the market.

About Liquid — Liquid Extractors

Liquid extractors are majorly used for transferring one or more solute in a solution to other immiscible liquid. The solvent that is mixed or enriched with the solute is known as extract. On the other hand, the feed solution from where the solvent is extracted it is known as caffeinate. Every industry has their own specific needs of extraction which can be clearly met by approaching Liquid-Liquid Extractor Manufacturers in Mumbai.

What is liquid extraction?

It is also known as solvent extraction, wherein both partitioning and separation methods are used for separating compounds from a solvent. These compounds are separated based on their solubility with two immiscible liquids i.e. water and organic solvent. As discussed above, the whole process of extraction is carried out using different form of extractors or chemical apparatus that have capability of filtering out solvents. It is interesting to know that, extraction can also be done in other forms of systems as well;

  1. Non-aqueous systems, it comprises of molten metal which when bought in contact with molten salts, metal can be easily extracted in different phases.
  2. Mercury electrode, wherein metal is reduced and is then dissolved in mercury to form a component which has a different electrochemistry altogether.

Features of Liquid Extractors

The liquid extractors have been successful in gaining outstanding popularity in the market majorly because of the features underlying below;

  1. It is capable of producing consistent and improved results which often every industrialist and manufacturer craves for.
  2. The usual consumption of power and space of an extractor is tremendously less in comparison to other form of extractors used or available in the market.
  3. The amount of solvent loss during the whole process of extractor is negligibly low. Thus industrialists need not have to worry about the waste generated after the process of extraction.
  4. Different varieties and types of extractors are available in the market, enabling users to purchase equipment much suiting to their needs and requirements.

Applications of Extractors

Extractors can be efficiently used in different forms of industry like chemical industry, polymers industry, effluent treatment plant, reactive extraction industry. Apart from this, it can also be used by companies which are working on the purification of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


With immense use of liquid extractors in the industry, it is essential for users or industrialists to purchase the best equipment from the market. Along with extractors it is also a good idea to look for lobe blowers which is yet again essential component used for different purposes in the industry. For industrialists looking for essential equipment, they can approach for the best liquid extractor or Lobe Blower Manufacturers in Mumbai and purchase an equipment suitable to their requirement.