groupInteraction().joy = False;

I’m really not much of a people person.

It’s not that I don’t like people, or think that people are bad. Well, not ALL people... I just don’t have anything in common with people, and I find the need to monitor myself, my behavior and how people perceive me to be exhausting. It’s that fear of people not liking me that drives me away from social situations.

It just becomes easier to sit things out, instead of the stress of those situations. Even at a retreat with other Christian men who wish to grow in faith and love of Jesus I find it hard to attend the non-food related fellowship time.

God calls us to be in a community with each other, but I struggle deeply with that. I watch FRIENDS and think "that would be cool to have these people who just hang with you.” But, I don’t have a group of friends like that, and really, at the end of the day, I’d rather just kick back and chill with my wife. Drink a chai and chat about the day while watching TV.

That’s not really her, though.

She’s a social person and seems to believes that I will never be happy until I become one too. But, that’s not true.

If an introvert is in your life and they want to share it with you, embrace it. They may truly love few people, but that puts you in an exclusive club. And they will need you to help bridge the gap.