Is there a true level playing ground in EDUCATION in INDIA ! #NEET.

How many state owned Government schools in #INDIA, educating #CBSE syllabus in their CBSE curriculum, from my knowledge only #pondicherry government implemented up to 5th standard and Karnataka is in process, #DELHI having some schools it seems #Gujarat having one school that too Airport school.

If you compare with government institutions educating #CBSE curriculum, very few counts that too because to flavor central government employee parents and children.

My question is #NEET exam is conducted by so called CBSE Board but students of state board, matriculation, central board and international board should attend the exam, all this different syllabus vary in different criteria and different standards.

If the central government really care about the so called @NEET exam then why not government can completely implement CBSE curriculum as common curriculum through out India ( You cant do it, because India is own for its multiple faces of culture and living style — it’s a common feedback from educationalist)

Here NEET supporters argument about NEET, will not influence the reservation system or seat allocation in state owned medical colleges, but its purely trying to hide the hidden agenda behind the overall process, there is no level playing ground for the overall process, a state government syllabus studied student should undergo a training to face NEET exam, since entrance exam designed on CBSE curriculum, is it a true level playing ground ?

The so called NEET supporters, they simply comment that the education system not up to the standard, that’s why state like #TAMILNADU still need exemption for NEET, Common man like me having a simple question : who stopped the so called central government to do a negotiation to improve the standard of education with state government, neither #BJP nor #Congress both are making us fool in terms of education system !

No government having the guts have a common education system at least in school higher education because education is the most lucrative business in larger extent.

All of the sudden #CBSE and #ICSE become a best education model throughout India, this is called centralized money making concept and slowly corrupting state owned education system.

We are living in a fool’s paradise where education become a fancy funda to make money.

How many boards and how many standard of education based on the money …

Feeling huge mental agony after read in depth about #NEET exam

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