Facile shirts how it began

Why Facile?

Because it ignores the complexities in an issue


Simplistic approach




Black and white

Thorough profound


a man of facile and intellect

Success, especially in sport

Easily achieved

“a facile seven-lengths victory

Terric is an animal freak who has interacted with his favorite lions and tigers during his trips around the world. Having the exposure of staying in UK, USA, Dubai and Hong Kong, he has got the idea of how to go all about it.

After being unable to find any shirts of his liking in over 25 stores abroad, Terric thought he will make shirts for himself and from then onwards he started wearing only his customized T-shirts and Polos.

People in the malls and the gym started inquiring about the shirts that he designed on his own.

This is true. It all started in London when he was visiting his university mates there, who had their own shop.

Terric put one of his customized shirts on a mannequin in his friend’s shop. The shirt was sold in 15 minutes and to his surprise, the size wasn’t even matching that of the buyer’s but that did not stop him from buying it. Terric got thrilled and put another one of his shirts and it got sold again and there his journey started.

By the end of his trip, he was left with only one out of his 15 shirts.

When Terric used to go shopping and visited 24 stores to buy t shirts and coller t shirts. 9/10 times he bought nothing.

Terric decided to make my customized t shirt and collar t shirts. how i got confidence ? = palz n people started asking me where i bought it from

Women have so much of variety that they can wear 365 different clothing styles in a year and still go on and on.

Boys and men have 4 styles maximum in a normal day and that is round neck, collar, V neck and formals that’s it.

Even though there might be 100 advertisements in newspapers, we all still go with our pals choices and advices.

The best thing that happened was when I met a lady Terisa from Russia who gave me my first order of 7000 shirts promoting football world cup and from that point there is no looking back till now.

We have got positive feedbacks in different countries. Infinite numbers of people have already appreciated our tees n collar t shirts.

Terrisa and Terric have been designing and selling shirts ever since then.


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