RWBY Character Trivia — 2

  1. In Volume 2, what happened to Roman Torchwick?

a. He was arrested

b. He died

c. He moved away

d. He flew away on his ship

2. What is Salem in RWBY? (She’s only in Volume 3 but in the other seasons you only hear her voice)

a. A chief

b. A baker

c. She’s the narrator

d. She’s a dead body

3. What type of Faunus is Blake Belladonna?

a. A bunny

b. A dog

c. A elephant

d. A black cat

4. Is Ruby’s mom dead?

a. Yes

b. No

5. What is Ruby’s mom’s name?

a. Summer Rose

b. Dead lady

c. Raven Branwen

d. Her mom didn’t have a name

After you finish all the questions, comment all the answers. I’ll reply to you’re answers and tell you if they’re correct. And on you’re comments, don’t hesitate to make suggestions. About the questions or how I can make my site better (Like add more questions) By the way, I’m a RWBY fan! I made one site before this. It’s also RWBY Character Trivia. :) Enjoy, all of the site and don’t think about the questions about the death. :( :’(

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