RWBY Character Trivia

  1. Who in team JNPR died in Volume (Season) 3? (C’mon this is an easy one)

a. Nora

b. Jaune

c. Ren

d. Pyrrha

2. Who in team JNPR kissed Jaune in Volume 3 (Episode 12 “End of the beginning? (Hint: This answer is the same as number 1)

a. Pyrrha

b. Nora

c. Ren

d. Blake

3. Did Cinder Fall end up dying in Volume 3 because Ruby killed her?

a. NO

b. Yes

4. What weapon does Velvet Scarlatina have?

a. The weapon Pyrrha has

b. The weapon Qrow had

c. She created weapons and used other people’s

d. She didn’t have a weapon

5. What happened to Neo? (Hint: She did something that someone in an old movie did)

a. Ruby turned Neo’s umbrella and Neo was holding it and turned into Mary Poppins

b. She did what the lady does in “The Sound of Music”

c. She died

d. She traveled to Antartica

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-(RWBY Fan)

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