Introducing Thesis Token — OST KIT Alpha Phase III

Thesis Token is a simple idea that tackles a huge problem we ourselves (Students) experienced this summer finishing our bachelor and master thesis’s. Finding at least 150 respondents to your survey’s in order to gather your data is pretty hard and takes a lot of time and effort.

Thesis Token allows you to get respondents to your survey’s by being able to upload your survey to our application. It will cost 1 Thesis Token (TT) for one respondent to answer your survey. At the same time users are able to earn TT’s by answering other student’s survey’s. The tokenized economy this creates is powered by OST, and we use their api to realize this.

We will mint branded tokens and integrate them into our website. Balances and transactions will easily be identified. In addition, our website will demonstrate both company-to-user and user-to-company token transfers of TT’s. Furthermore, run in-app events triggering TT’s transfers. This will be further talked about in the next blog.

This is a summer project we are very excited to work on! We will keep you up to date along the way!