Robotics and Drones

Both the Robotic and Drone technologies are advancing, but there shouldn’t be any insecurity about job loss. In fact, more jobs have been created with the significant advances in robotics that have taken place in the last few years. Pew Research Center finds that Americans feel more secure in their positions even though they believe automation is taking over the marketplace.

Indeed, it is because of robotics that there are more jobs available, including but not limited to robotic design, programming, transporting, maintenance and its applications in education, technology, medicine and science, among many other important areas.

“Skilled professionals don’t have employers, they have clients. They aren’t applying for jobs they expect to have for the next 20 years, they are hunting down opportunities week to week,” the survey reads. As others who study automation have said, jobs themselves are not at all disappearing, but they are transforming as certain tasks continue to undergo automation.

Errol Oz — Oz Robotics

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