Bad SEO Content Tactics That You Need To Abandon Right Away

No matter what type of change Google tends to bring in order to improve the quality of content, bad content is going to stay there just like it has been living in the SEO since very start. We live in an online world which is connected from every aspect. Google released its hummingbird update. Voice search also has its influence. Still, bad content is something which the SEO doesn’t seem to get rid of pretty quickly. However, it doesn’t mean that bad content is something you have to deal with whether you want or not. You can, in fact, work on a few things to make sure that the quality of your content is good enough to encourage your audience and the search engines to take positive action for your website.

Targeting one keyword on a page without variations

During early days of SEO, it was seen quite often that people distribute a keyword throughout their content without modifying anything in it. The lack of variation looked quite awkward to the human eye because it clearly seemed as an attempt to convince something other than human brain. Such practices are still prevalent in this age of modern search engines. However, this is also the fact that search engines are able to promptly demote the content that contains keyword distribution this way. Therefore, using the keywords with variations in order to make them fitting into the content is quite important.

Expecting results from short blogs

If you think that you are going to get traffic on your site though short blogs, you are clearly not doing the SEO of this era. According to Google, short content can be referred to as underdeveloped and thin content. Now, many people would say that they have seen short blogs ranking well in search engine. Well, the short answer to this question is that those blogs are an exception. If you want to rank well in search engine through blogs, you will have to do good research into the topic and write something quite elaborative to prove your point.

Erratic posting of content

If you think that posting one blog here and there will do wonders for you, you have got to think again. With this approach, you are essentially:

  • Not posting content regularly
  • Not giving your content an opportunity to rank well in search result
  • Not building your authority among the audience you target

So, you need to be consistent about creation of the content in order to get traffic to your website.

Prioritizing content quantity over quality

Quite contrary to the second point, there are some people who think that writing long content and not focusing the quality can still help them rank their content. The matter of fact is that this loophole used to help people in the past but not anymore. Google algorithms are intelligent enough to differentiate between good and bad quality of content. It means that you have to provide good quality content and that it in an elaborative manner.