College, Self and Community

College, Self and Community

For the first post of my final digital story, I believe that choosing to write about College, Self and Community which focuses on campus engagement and participation in a student group would benefit me the best in order to explore the campus and opportunities.

I am a determined Pre-Med student with 8- years plan mapped. I am passionate about science and want to pursue that passion by participating in research studies. However, as a freshman at the moment, I would appreciate exploring students groups filled by students who are sharing the same ambitions with me and expanding my knowledge by reading books and blogs about Medical School Admission process.

During summer, I participated in a program which was located in Mayo Building, University of Minnesota called “ Camp Neuro” where I had a chance to advance in a variety of skills, including how to tie surgical knots, take patient histories, and perform basic routine physical exams. I attended lectures given directly from professionals which covered brain anatomy and physiology. I also met Med students who are currently beginning their second year and physicians of neurology department at University of Minnesota.

This semester, I have set up a long-term shadowing experience with an assistant professor of neurology at the University of Minnesota where I will be observing patients with ALS, immune neuropathies, and inherited and acquired myopathies which I am definitely looking forward to. I am also planning to apply for Minnesota’s Future Doctors( MFD) which I believe would be beneficial to participate beside the field work experience. It is a really competitive program where Pre-Med students are provided with coaching on MCAT preparation courses and materials, and research opportunities. I really cannot wait to be one of the 10 selected students for 2016–2017 academic year!

Since the Minnesota’s Future Doctors covers students from varied universities around Minnesota, I am planning to join a student group where I would only get together with University of Minnesota students and also who are climbing the same trail to get to the top of the mountain- Medical school- which is Minority Association of Pre-Med students.

To cover everything I would be doing during this semester in my digital story, I would like to conduct small interviews and take variety of pictures. The questions which I hope to have the answers by the end of my digital story are;

  • How does it feel to be around students who are as ambitious as you?
  • -How does it feel to be around students who share the same ambitions within academic life? Is it a positive or negative thing?
  • Is there anything you would do different if you had the chance to go back to the September?
  • -Are you able manage your time around the homework, finals and activities?
  • What is the best part of shadowing a physician? Or Is there any negative impacts?
  • -What would be the student groups you would like to be a part of next year?