• Christian Scandola

    Christian Scandola

    Fabbrikk: we make beautiful handcrafted software.

  • Ian Tremblay

    Ian Tremblay

    I don't always tweet, but when I do, it's usually something cool. Or to win a contest.

  • James Derdock

    James Derdock

    web guy @ prsguitars

  • Giordano Scalzo

    Giordano Scalzo

    Developer, Writer, born in 🇮🇹, living in 🇬🇧. Swift, but not only. Putting magic in the apps. Github: https://github.com/gscalzo

  • Johanna O'Connor

    Johanna O'Connor

    Lead Recruiter at Intercom! http://t.co/bVAeqNWgas johanna@intercom.io

  • Brook Perry

    Brook Perry

    Director of Marketing at ‘nuffsaid | prev @GitPrime (acquired by @pluralsight)

  • Brooke Goodbary

    Brooke Goodbary

    Customer Success consultant, writer, and expert www.brooke.land

  • Steve Klebanoff

    Steve Klebanoff

    Software engineer and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Fueled by yerba mate & a desire to create.

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