The importance of abandoning crap

Years ago, I found an old set of videos of Ira Glass (of NPR, This American Life, etc.) talking about creativity and storytelling. I’ve come back to these videos regularly over the years. The video quality is horrible but they contain a timeless wisdom about what is worth fighting for and how hard it actually is to produce something good.

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Enjoy the killing

At one point, Ira talks about the work and time he and his team invest in searching for good stories. And not just good stories, but good stories told well.

Dealing with the grief

In part 3 Glass goes on to talk about how most creatives produce utter crap for years at the beginning of their careers. The way he puts it, “your taste is killer” but your execution just can’t keep up. He play an absolutely terrible, and comical, tape of himself years before and makes the point that this tape was made after he’d been working in broadcast for eight years! Eight fucking years!

Moving on, faster

I think most of us want to create compelling and purposeful work. But most of what we create is garbage. The only way we can begin to understand what compelling and purposeful really mean is to listen and participate in the conversation.

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American living in Italy. Head of Customer Success @GraphyHQ. Musing on tech, the outdoors, and lifelong learning.

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