What I Believe to Be True — and How I Have Come to Believe It
Daniel Genser

I left and now I have returned to the bosom position in Gods love.

I have left and did things contrary to a good moral lifestyle,suffice to say I know for certain that demons exist.

They have proved it to me beyond any doubt,so if this is true and you will doubt because you have to because otherwise all you have said falls into the tired devotee category who just looks for good arguments and reasonings to relax and give up.

I empathize with your views but you paint Jehovah in a dark light,as unforgiving and a punisher,you omit the reason for the preservation of the line of Christ the redeemer.

That in fact Satan the resistor would do his best to prevent the redemption at any cost.

You pin all on dates and times,most Jw,s would be aware of 1975 but still attend and serve in loyal love as they await a better time as you criticize.

I can point to the Live aid type scenarios over the decades which I supported enthusiastically,and hey guess what the people are still dying and crying,nothing man does can save them because of mans inherent greed and hatred of one another.

Wake up Brother before Satans snare destroys you and your loved ones,because when he is finished with you that is exactly what will occur unfortunately.

Can I ask do you also deny Jesus as our salvation?

As you are aware there also exists an abundance of proof of life for the son of God.

Kind regards

Richard Graham

Ps I could go on and on and on with reasons but hey the horse has to want to drink the water.

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