You’re Not Voting For Hillary To Protect Me
Morgana Visser

Honestly, I think it is lazy of them to just tell us “Vote for Hillary, Trump is worse” Or “She is better than Trump” . Honestly, Trump is terrible, so bad, a pet rock would be better. Don’t tell me how she is better than someone who is that bad. Show me how much better. Discuss specific policies she will enact that will improve the lives of “Average’ Americans. Yet not a single one does. Any Bernie ideas in the platform aren’t her beliefs. She won’t fight for them.

I don’t think she will serve a full first term anyway. The GOP is already working on paperwork to impeach on day 1. She handed them the reason, and they can make it stick. They get a 3 month head start. The Dem leadership has already hinted that they will work with the GOP on it.

As for voting third party, I for one would love to see both the Greens and Libertarians make it to the big leagues, all they need is 5% of the vote. That will change the conversation.

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